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April 9, 2013

To Rick and Kay Warren: An Open Letter of Love from Today's Christian Woman

Prayers and messages from believers all around the world for a couple who recently lost their son to suicide


Last weekend, Kay and Rick Warren lost their 27-year-old son, Matthew, to suicide. The loss rocked the global church, and shed light on conversations surrounding the oppressive nature of depression and anxiety that blanket many congregations today. While praying at my church over the loss last Sunday, I realized the beauty of support and Christ-centered community, and wanted to gather Today’s Christian Women (and men) from all over the world to share encouraging messages with this grieving couple who lead thousands at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California.

After posting a Facebook message requesting love and prayers for the Warrens, TCW received an overwhelming amount of responses, and decided to publish them in an open letter to the Warrens. Here is a bit of what our audience has to say to the Warrens in light of their loss—may they be surrounded in the peace and love of Christ that surpasses all understanding.

Thoughts and prayers go out to them in the loss of their son.. -Patricia Fletcher

Toujours avec vous dans la prière et avec l'assurance que Dieu vous accompagne. Nous savons qu'un jour nous verrons ce cher fils épanoui et heureux dans le royaume avec vous..merveilleuse assurance et vrai repos (Always with you in prayer and with the assurance that God is with you. We know that one day we will see your dear son in the kingdom and happy with you .. with wonderful assurance and real rest) -Monette Argeliers Razzano

God give 'em a speedy healing -Nakedi Yeshueta

So sorry. Satan is hard at work every day. -Melody Orem Wagoner

So sorry -Jane Coots Hughes

God will carry you and lavish you with his mercy and grace..we've been there, and know he'll make right in your hearts. -Judy Espeseth

Praying that God will reach their deepest needs. -Nancy Weidman

May they feel his loving arms around them and find comfort. -Keith Clayton

I know that God will see you though, I pray that he will help you to heal quickly. -Darlene Brown

May God heal and comfort their hearts. -Alice Maina

May the Lord carry you through this season with his abundant grace. -Rochelle Lee

Praying for strength and peace during this difficult time. God's comfort and his body for compassion and love to these precious Christ followers. -Rosa L. Munoz

May God's love surround you, Pastor Rick and Kay, and your family with his unending love, comfort and peace at this time of sorrow... -Miki Sturges

Prayers going out to your family... -Louise Ann Laba

This felt so unfair :( but we know that all things work together for the good of those that love God, to them who are called according to his purpose. -Leah Gangmei

Praying for God’s love and peace to surround you at this time... -Monica Tarr

Sad beyond belief. Prayers for the family. -Daniel Delbert Harsh

Praying -Donna Gibson Santiago

I'm praying daily for them. -Melissa Rain OBrien

I will continue to pray daily for this family. Saddleback is an awesome church, and Rick is an awesome pastor. Kay is a wonderful and sweet woman, wife and mother. -Ruby Powers

So very sorry to hear this. What a tragedy...but as with any tragedy, Jesus can work a miracle from it! AMEN! -Jeannette Edmondson Steward

So much sadness in this world....praying for God's love to surround & comfort you. God, please receive his soul. -Linda Laney Martinsen

I am new to both your and Kay's sermons. I admire your strength of sharing your news with the world, and admire both of you with your grief. I thank you for your lessons and helping me come back to church even if it’s online here in Bend, Oregon. -Loree Kolenski

God Bless the Warren family - as a past member of Saddleback Church (only because we moved to the NW), I have had Rick help me on many occasions. I will try to do the same for him by praying for his family. God Bless you Rick and Kay. -Mark Bolton

Praying!! God Bless you all!!! -Beth Gannim Presley

Mental Illness is a real thing, and everyone who has a family member or friend suffering deserves our prayers!!! -Donna Burrell

So very sorry for your great loss. May God be with you and your family. -Charlotte Ketchum

May God be with you during this difficult time -Vita Lantz-brown

So sad, may God be with you -Jacqueline Ledoux McGann


I hope you and your family can feel peace soon. -Thereasa Harms

Weeping with and praying for them. He's still my pastor after 12 years away from SB Lake Forest! -Jennifer Cottrell Reeves

Loved Pastor Tom's teaching last Sunday about grieving with those who grieve for the season then fighting to regain what was lost, per King David’s example in 1 Samuel 30 after they fought a battle then returned home to find it destroyed and everything gone. Praying for Pastors Rick and Kay. -Estella Murphrey Bitney

My prayers will always be with Pastor Rick, Kay and the family. I'm so sorry... -Irma Mercado

Praying for your family. -Treese La Juana

Words cannot express what they must be going through, but God can express his love and comfort in ways we never could. So sorry. -Carla Ritchie

Love you, Kay. We continue to pray for you, Rick and your family. May God bless you with his strength and peace. You and Rick are never out of our thoughts. Please know we are grieving right along with you and holding you all up in prayer. -Maire Bogart-Williams

Praying for their broken hearts. -Christine Allen Duncan

Praying for the family. -Belva Perry

Praying, so sorry -Dona-marlene Stout

Such a terrible loss for two wonderful people who give so much of themselves for others. My prayers are with you during this time. -De Sikora Wiley

Such a terrible loss for ANY parent. My prayers are with you both. It's a long haul and staying close to God, no matter the feelings you go through, will help. -Vicky Edwards

Very sorry for this tragic loss. Praying for comfort and strength. -Donna Menkel

Love and prayers to your precious family. -Rhonda Garrett Krinke

Praying for grace and some type of peace! -Cindy VanderLaan

So sad. Such strong people. -June De Wit

Many prayers and thoughts to you. -Lorraine Stiles

My prayers and thoughts are with you both always... -Angie Worsham

Many prayers from my family and thoughts of you during this time of sorrow. -Sarita McGuire Andres

...I cannot imagine! Prayers for family and friends! -Mariann Tate

Am praying for the family... -Poetik Sistah

As for my house, you have our deepest sympathy -Tommy Helms

Praying -Kathey Jones

My thoughts, love and prayers are with your whole family during this very difficult time. Depression and that dark place are horrible. In 2010 I watched my beautiful 41-year-old husband deteriorate with depression right in front of my eyes. On 9/1 he decided to end his unimaginable pain. My pain and despair were unbearable to say the least. It was people like you who pulled me through my tragedy. I pray that God will bless you with strength and comfort. Amen -Alicia Smith

So very, very sorry. My condolences to you both. -Judy Thoreson Boyles

Oh my dear friends, I'm so sad and sorry. God please hold this family and their beloved son. -Irene McGuinness

Praying for the Warren family! -Sofia Castillo-August

I'm so sorry to hear this. In our prayers xx -Sarah Johnson Steadman

Praying for his sweet family. -Rebecca McKinney Frischhertz

So sorry for your loss. Praying for your family..... -Pam Crawford

What could be more painful for parents? My heart goes out to them. -Donna Craig

Amen...Thank You for asking for prayer for my pastor. -Kristen Lyslo Caldwell

So sad. Praying for the family. -Claudia StGermain


May God comfort you in your sorrow. Prayers continue for you Pastor Rick, Kay and all the Warren family. Love in Christ~Rebecca Lowe

My heart goes out to you all. Our Church Elder lost his 17 y.o. just a few days prior, very similar circumstances. May God be with you and bless you through his Word and other fellow christians. Keep strong.

Kay and Rick this is indeed a rough and tough time. Words fail. Please know that you are covered under God's watchful hands His eyes will never leave you. HIS love never fails.

Much love and prayers especially at a time such as this.

Still......... God is in charge.


My prayers are with you at this time of your loss. May God continue to hold you in the palm of His hand as face each new day. As a parent I can't imagine the pain that you are going through, but I also know that God will be with you every step of the way. May God continue to hold you and your family in His loving arms.

May GOD comfort you and give you understanding.

As a parent, I can't even begin to imagine the pain and suffering you are going through at the present time. May it help to know that many, many are upholding you in prayer. I know that God will be with you holding you in His loving arms helping you to take the next step then the next. I pray that your faith in our loving God will go with you and help you in the days ahead.

Praying for the Warrens to feel the presence of God with them, comforting and guiding them, through the struggles of grief, as they mourn this great loss. I pray for them as they feel the pressures of their leadership roles as they go through this very personal event with the world watching. Help them, Father God, as only You know how. Amen

Only God knows the depth of your pain. Only God can fill the hole left in your hearts with His love, comfort and peace. Praying for His peace.

Nothing I can say or do but felt i needed to try to express how sad and sympathetic I feel for you as you suffer.Just know you are being prayed for.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Warren family. Lord, please comfort them during this very difficult time.

May you feel God's loving arms around you now as you grieve for your dear son.

May He overwhelm you with His Presence - wrap you all in His wings and cause His shalom to be your dwelling place.

Kay and Rick & family - we're sorry for your loss.

You are in my thoughts and prayers...

Praying for the Warrens and their church family.

No one can truly understand your grief but the Lord. My prayer is that your family will find comfort in His understanding arms.

i pray God comforts /strengthen them during this trying period. and i pray for more grace upon their lives and ministry. in Jesus name. Amen

So very sorry for your loss. Know how many people are reaching out to you in love and concern right now.

Can't even begin to imagine what this feels like. SOOO many friends and family who have been blessed by you two; I hope you will feel blessed by them now. The corners of this world are lifting you up. Sending love from Baja, Mexico.

Words seem inadequate at a time like this. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and take comfort in knowing that you are resting in the palm of God's hand.

May the love and prayers of our worldwide Christian family carry you through and may you prove again that Jesus is enough in every situation.engiis

So sorry for your lost. Praying for the family.

Such a heartache! We grieve along with you and pray that you find comfort in Gid's promises.

Sorry about your loss-Our God is in love will see you through....it is well

Pastor Warren & wife:In all things we give praise 2 God.its hard time but we are praying God strengthens you. whenever we are expected to fall and instead stand up, Satan loses.
Take heart & be encouraged.

May God be with you at this very sad time in your life.May He comfort you and sustain you!

My heart aches for your pain and pray you will feel God's arms wrapped around you joining all our hearts pouring love into your hearts...praying for healing for all families going through this pain.

this has to be the hardest thing a parent can go through but God's got this..God's got you! Praying for his purpose to become clear to the family in time.

May God hold your family close to His heart at this time of loss. Keeping you all in our prayers. God Bless you!

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