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April 12, 2013

Kari Jobe Joins the Fight against Human Trafficking

Download a free song, “What Love Can Do,” from this chart-topping CCM artist who opened up to TCW about her heart for raising a voice for the voiceless in partnership with feature film Not Today


For more than six years, worship artist Kari Jobe has supported the fight against human trafficking with her music, her heart, and partnership with various anti-human trafficking organizations including Christine Caine’s A21 Campaign. Most recently Jobe joined forces with the producers of the full-length feature film Not Today to record a song called “What Love Can Do” in hopes of giving a voice to the thousands of voiceless individuals lost in human trafficking around the world.

“People sometimes think these people are stuck overseas, and it’s way too big of a problem for us to even try to tackle, but we have to do what we can,” Jobe said. “I don’t want the next generation to look at what our generation did and say, ‘why didn’t they do anything?’”

Today, the film Not Today is premiering in California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Washington, and gives viewers a glimpse into the dark world of human trafficking through the eyes of an American traveler in India.

“The world needs to understand that slavery still exists,” executive producer and pastor Matthew Cork says. “Even today, young children are bought and sold like cattle. Little girls are forced into the dark, illicit sex trade. Young boys and girls are coerced to beg in the streets, and bring their proceeds back to line the pockets of thugs who abuse them at night.”

TCW has reported on women making a difference in the fight against human trafficking around the world, and is passionate about helping women raise awareness for and actively support music and ministries that are chipping away at this difficult, and dangerous fight, one day at a time. Friends Media, a ministry of Friends Church in Yorba Linda, California, created this new film to be a voice for the voiceless by working in partnership with Kari Jobe and the Dalit Freedom Network.

“Can one movie change everything in India? No,” Dr. Joseph D'souza, the International President of the Dalit Freedom Network, says. “But what if that one movie could open the eyes of millions and challenge them to join in this meaningful fight?”

Jobe has traveled the world with the A21 Campaign and visited with girls who have been rescued from the sex trade and are placed in safe houses, and encourages women everywhere to raise their voices in the fight against human trafficking.

“I believe in this so much,” Jobe says. “People aren’t just being sold into slavery in other countries. There’s actually predators who want to find these girls and take them here in the States. I love supporting ministries that are chipping away at this one day at a time.”

Find tickets and locations to theaters showing Not Today at this link, and watch a video of "What Love Can Do" below:

KariJobeNT from Not Today the Movie on Vimeo.

*Today's Free Music Friday download period has ended.

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