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February 22, 2013

Todd Ballard on Free Music Friday

Download a free song, "Closer to Me," from a Colorado-based worship leader, husband, and father who believes in the importance of drawing near to God.


Todd Ballard has been a worship leader for 18 years, a husband for 8, and a father for 5. Combining his passions for relationships and the church, Ballard released his first nationally-syndicated album last week, Anthems. This week’s free download is “Closer to Me,” a track off Ballard’s album that speaks of the nearness of God, even when life seems to be falling apart. TCW caught up with Ballard to hear the story behind the song as well as some encouragement for Christian women worldwide.

“Closer to Me” talks a lot about the nearness of God. Why did you write it?

Every single person has had these moments in their lives they feel like life is just crumbling. You see it inside the church world weekly. When I look out over the congregation on Sundays, I see people that are just broken, and I picture God saying, I’ll just reach my hand out for you, there’s literally nothing I won’t do to be closer to you, whatever that takes.

I hope this song touches people’s hearts. I know it does for me personally—this is the one song on the album that usually gets me teared up. I think it just connects. The lyrics say, 'Don’t believe the lies that have been told to you.' The author of all lies in Satan, and that’s constantly what we battle in our minds. The song captures the thought that God has seen every single tear that we’ve shed and he just never lets go—he’s always right there with us.

You and your wife celebrated your eight-year wedding anniversary February 5, the same day your album released. What does communicating with your wife teach you about talking to God?

Marriage is all about communication. You hear that and it sounds pretty cliché, but it’s 100 percent true. Every relationship in our life is based on good communication, including our relationship with God. How close we get to God depends on how much time we spend talking to God, and how much time we allow him to speak to us. The same thing is true about our family, friends, and relationships. So I can tell in those moments when it seems like there’s a wall up in between me and my wife, whether that’s on purpose, or if the kids get in the way, it’s better to just constantly communicate. We’re all broken people, we’re not going to be perfect, but communicating and constantly pursuing each other is the best thing you can do for your marriage besides putting God first.

How would you encourage Christian women today to draw near to God?

I would say, with a reckless abandon, go after him. Whatever you come expecting from God you’ll get, but you have to come expecting. The Bible talks about that in Philippians 4: bring your requests to God with thanksgiving. I think God can handle whatever we can throw at him. I truly believe that.

Also keep praying because for some reason, God has anointed women when it comes to praying. My mom and my wife are the people I go to if I need prayer even though my dad’s a pastor. I go to them because I think God has anointed women to be prayer warriors. Seek his face, pray, get on your knees and go after it for your family. I’d say the same thing to men, but I feel like women will actually do it. And get in touch with your emotional side. I think we’re created to be emotionally connected to a God who gave us those emotions, so go after him and seek his face. If you start crying you start crying, it happens.

*Today's Free Music Friday download period has ended.

Visit Todd Ballard’s website for more information about his music and worship career.

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