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February 26, 2013

TCW Verse of the Week: 1 John 2:17

Finding purpose in the mundane


I was in college service at church. People were passionate about being disciples of Christ and sharing that passion with others. I stood there in the crowd of my peers, praising God with them, and thought, "This is just a shadow of what heaven will be like." Then I thought about those who had never heard of Jesus—who didn't have a chance of knowing him—and the tears streamed down my face. I committed at that moment to go anywhere for the sake of Christ. I did not consider it too much of a sacrifice to give up the comforts of my life at home for something much more lasting and significant.

That day, I committed to go anywhere, to do anything for God. But was I willing to be ordinary for Christ? Was I willing to be bored for Christ? Was I willing to live a seemingly insignificant life for Christ and thus find my significance? I wanted to do something more significant, to have a greater purpose in my life. But mother? Anyone can be a mom, I thought.

I realize now that that day in college, my passion was tainted with the desire for personal glory. I was willing to make sacrifices in my life but only in exchange for travel and adventure. My ambition was for my satisfaction, not God's. God has challenged me to not only find contentment in but to pursue a quiet life.

While leading a quiet life does not mean I can't have a career, it does mean I don't need recognition from others to feel valuable. Career success gave me a concrete way to measure my worth. I struggled with finding confidence in myself as a suburban mom rather than a career woman.

I was guilty of silently boasting about the worldly success God had given me and still clinging to it for my self-worth. But all this time, I had not once wondered whether my life was a delight to God. Now when I consider the future direction of my life, I remind myself to pursue the things God delights in, and I remind myself, especially, that because of Christ's work on the cross, God delights in me.

Adapted from TCW article Mission: Quiet Suburban Life by Cathy Quock

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