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February 1, 2013

How to Enjoy the Super Bowl as Much as Your Husband

The big game is a “great reason to have a party.” What will you be doing this Sunday?


Some women love football. Others see it as a meaningless, violent clash of testosterone-fueled neanderthals. Some women choose to host or attend parties in their communities to celebrate the biggest sporting event of the year, while others’ eyes remain glued to their television screens as they share the remote with their husbands, hanging on every pass, punt, and long snap as if it will determine the fate of the world.

“My husband and I watch the games together—I’m just as much a fan as he is,” Amy Simpson says, editor of Gifted for Leadership. “In fact, I love it! I normally don’t like to go to Super Bowl parties because most of the women assume I’m not interested in the game, and they want to chat until the commercials come on. I want to watch the game!”

Simpson may be in the minority of women in America (67 percent of American men will watch the game Sunday compared to 46 percent of women), but she’s in the majority of married women here at Christianity Today. We composed an informal survey of married CT staffers, and found that 67 percent of married women around the office plan to watch the game, while 33 percent will be doing things away from the television, such as crocheting, baking cupcakes, or eating pizza and playing card games.

“I don’t watch football at all,” SmallGroups.com editor Amy Jackson says. “I don’t even know who’s playing. So I’m going to teach my friend Janell to crochet while the guys watch the game. This gives us a way to allow our husbands to enjoy it without having to explain to us the whole time.”

One hundred percent of the women surveyed at CT will be hosting or attending a party for two or more, whether they’re actively watching the big game or not. This celebration of community as the battle royale plays out on screen is a good way to be a blessing to friends, family, and neighbors.

“The Super Bowl is a great excuse to have a party, whether you like football or not!” TCW contributor JoHannah Reardon says.

These parties look different for everyone, but social gatherings, no matter how large, provide opportunities to experience life together and be intentional about fostering relationships with those you may not connect with that often.

“I’ll probably catch bits and pieces of the game, but it’s more likely I’ll socialize with friends and play with our kiddos. Why? Because it’s just fun to have a party to go to with food and friends in the middle of the cold winter months,” marketing project manager Sandra Hoekstra-Lower says.

Marketing designer Jillian Hathaway agrees. “I’m one of the lucky ones whose husband cares probably even less than I do about football. Praise the Lord! We’re just going to a party to see friends and socialize. I doubt we’ll watch any of the game.”

Many couples around the office will be attending parties, but others plan to use the game as an opportunity to intentional about connecting with their spouses.

“My husband and I usually have people over to watch with us, but this year we’re both tired, and plan just to watch it together,” JoHannah says.

Human resources generalist Jaime Patrick is also planning to make the game an intentional “you and me” activity with her significant other.

“My husband and I DVR the game and watch it when the kids go to bed. Super cool, huh?”

What about you? Are you going to be part of the 56 percent of the United States who will be tuned in to the big game Sunday? If so, are you going to take Sunday afternoon to be intentional about reaching out to friends, family, and neighbors, or will you be more focused on connecting with your significant other over a bowl of popcorn on the couch?

Allison J. Althoff is TCW's associate online editor, and compiled this post with input from various staff members at Christianity Today. Follow her on Twitter @ajalthoff.

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I'm not much of a football fan so I compromised. I spent the first half revising a poem and submitting it for publication. Then I joined my husband to watch the half-time show and the rest of the game.

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