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January 11, 2013

Third Day’s Free Music Friday: Miracle

Southern Christian rock band Third Day provides upbeat, guitar-driven tracks on their 11th studio album, Miracle.


Miracle is Third Day’s 11th studio album released after the group first came together in Marietta, Georgia, in 1992. The Grammy-award winning band, led by lead vocalist Mac Powell, has appeared on 60 Minutes and Jay Leno’s Tonight Show, all while shamelessly proclaiming the gospel with their music.

“If there is any overarching theme on the record, it’s about pressing on and holding on to faith in the midst of doubt,” says drummer David Carr. “We’re not here to give you all the answers. We’re here to say ‘Just hang on a little longer.’”

The album’s title track, “I Need a Miracle,” is based on a true story a couple shared with the band after a concert in New Jersey.

“Their son was in a really depressed place in life. He drove way into the woods and was going to commit suicide,” Powell said. “He was going to kill himself, but he turned on the radio and he heard ‘Cry Out To Jesus’ (from 2005 album Wherever You Are). It literally changed his heart and gave him encouragement to keep going. When you hear a story like that, it just blows you away.”

The album contains a variety of upbeat, guitar-driven tracks and more traditional worship-style songs including a moving rendition of the Methodist hymn “Morning Has Broken.” This week’s free music Friday download, “Hit Me Like a Bomb,” is an energetic track emphasizing themes of transformation and redemption. Watch the band perform it live in a November 2012 performance on the Tonight Show.

Miracle follows Third Day’s previous award-winning releases including: Move (2010), Revelation (2008), and Wherever You Are (2005).

This spring, the rock band will hit the road on “The Miracle Tour” with singer-songwriter Josh Wilson and 2013 American Idol finalist Colton Dixon.

Purchase the entire album at this link, and watch a lyric video of “Hit Me Like a Bomb” in the music video below:

*This week's free music Friday download period has ended. Check back next week for more offers on the TCW blog!

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I definitely have an appreciation and admiration for bands and artists that make music that centers on the gospel. They are not even cheesy. In fact, they can sound really good. Not only are they able to keep rocking out, they also stick to their beliefs while they are at it.

Sorry but I am very disappointed by this album. Musically, I really cant complain but where is the Gospel or even mention of Jesus. If they are trying to appeal to mainstream listeners that is fine but it will be a sad day when churches start singing these songs in their worship services. I hope this is a test album for them going mainstream and not attempt to follow the likes of Jesus Culture and other heretical bands out there. Enough songs about flowing rivers and raging fires already! This is getting old!
Third Day you are much better than this.

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