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January 18, 2013

A Nod to Our TCW Advisors and Contributors

Singleness, goal-setting, and mental illness are a few topics TCW is passionate about.


This year, TCW would like to give all of our advisors and contributors the respect and admiration they deserve. Today, we present a round-up of three current blogs from women we admire, on topics and platforms they’re passionate about and, as a result, we’re passionate about too.

Bianca Juarez Olthoff and Jo Saxton are two of the five women who make up the TCW advisory board. Each brings different levels of expertise on topics ranging from marriage and parenting to spiritual formation and women’s ministry, and write blogs on a regular basis (linked above). Amy Simpson is a TCW regular contributor and editor of Gifted for Leadership, Marriage Partnership, and ParentConnect, with first-hand experience and expertise on the topic of mental illness.

These three women have one thing in common: they are all authors and bloggers who identify as Jesus-loving, God-fearing women devoted to sharing truth with the masses.
Here are three blog posts worth reading:

1. Jo Saxton: “Hello 2013

In a motivational new year’s kick-off, Jo, equipping director at North Heights Lutheran Church in Arden Hills, Minnesota, writes on the importance of abiding in Christ while trusting him with our futures. Her key question to readers is: “What is God calling us to say hello to in 2013?” Her blog is an encouragement to “step out of the past” and into a new year.

2. Bianca Juarez Olthoff: “Thoughts on Singleness

As we enter into Valentine’s Day season, Bianca has some relevant and encouraging words for those of us entering the holiday single. She’s married now, but recounts her 30 years of singleness in a blog devoted to shedding light on the reality of singleness (“Contrary to popular belief, there are worse things than not being married. Like being married to the wrong person. Or having a sixth toe. Both are tragic.”) She also provides tips for individuals who are married or dating on helping support those who are single (“Don’t wince, sigh, and say, I’ll pray for you.”) As chief storyteller for the A21 Campaign, an international organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the fight against human trafficking, she encounters life-changing testimonies every day, and writes on those topics as well as the grind of everyday life.

3. Amy Simpson: “The Blessing of Diagnosis

Amy has experience personally and professionally in coping with and ministering to those with mental illness. She recently landed an interview on Moody Radio Chicago, and had one of her recent articles about mental illness picked up by “Q Ideas’ Top 10 Articles of 2012.” Her recent post celebrates the freedom that comes with publicly identifying mental conditions that are often times stigmatized in society.

These are only three of numerous topics TCW will dive into this year—let us know what you’d like to read more about!

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