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January 4, 2013

3 Ways to Stop Human Trafficking at Home and Abroad

Speakers at the 2013 Passion Conference taught me why it’s important to help stop human trafficking worldwide and motivated me to step up.


When I came on board with TCW in September of this year, our cover story profiled Katariina Rosenblaat, a sex trafficking victim who was rescued and now runs her own organization to help raise awareness and rescue and restore girls trapped in the trafficking industry nationwide (“There Is H.O.P.E. for Me”). Her story both shocked and amazed me—I knew sex trafficking was a problem, but everything changed when I was able to put a face to the issue. I wanted to know how I could help others like Katariina, and the article provided me with several resources to do so.

When I arrived at the 2013 Passion Conference in the Georgia Dome this week, Katariina’s story was repeated to me several hundreds time over from global human trafficking organizations and representatives gathered to motivate the 60,000 college-aged attendees to take a stand to end human trafficking worldwide. International Justice Mission president Gary Haughen, Wellspring Living founder Mary Frances Bowley, and Slavery Footprint founder Justin Dillon were among guests featured as speakers at the conference. They each motivated the crowd to get involved in the fight against human trafficking by becoming educated and donating time, money, and prayer to the fight, and their captivating stories and zeal for rescuing modern-day slaves was contagious.

Here are the top three things I learned at Passion on how to help fight human trafficking:

1) Get educated.

Mary Frances Bowley, author and founder of Atlanta-based human trafficking rescue and restoration organization Wellspring Living, recently wrote a book called The White Umbrella: Walking With Survivors of Sex Trafficking. The book is an account of her work with hundreds of sex trafficking victims in Atlanta since 2001 when Wellspring was first founded, and gives a face to the issue of trafficking in the U. S. Bowley was part of a round-table discussion at Passion 2013, and informed us that even though we may feel like ordinary people, we can make an extraordinary difference in the lives of those suffering simply by donating compassion and awareness to the cause of human trafficking by donating time and resources to organizations already functioning in our local communities.

2) Raise awareness.

Slaveryfootprint.org is a site founded by Justin Dillon to educate Americans on how they individually are contributing to the human trafficking industry worldwide. Dillon’s goal is to raise awareness, and after completing the site’s brief survey, I discovered 65 slaves work for me based on my personal lifestyle choices. Naturally, this concerned me, and led me to want to start living intentionally. As I seek ways to personally become more conscious of how my consumerism may negatively effect those in modern-day slavery, I’m thankful for Laura Leonard’s tips on healthy shopping habits as well as opportunities to donate financially to organizations.

3) Take action.

The Polaris Project, a government-funded rescue hotline available 24 hours a day (1-888-373-7888) is not only a rescue line for victims of trafficking, but is also a resource for those hoping to get involved in the fight against human trafficking in their local communities. According to the Project’s founder, Bradley Myles, with one simple phone call, you can find organizations to plug into locally that are already fighting human trafficking in your communities; give tips on trafficking establishments or rings you may have heard of in your city; and gain advice on how to start a church or community group to help raise awareness in your local community. I plan to call as soon as I arrive home in Chicago.

As daunting as the issue of human trafficking seems, I was encouraged by these worship lyrics at Passion: “Though the need is great, our God is greater” (Chris Tomlin's " I plan to go into 2013 with a renewed sense of purpose and fervor to help fight human trafficking in my local community, inspired by the words of Psalm 147:5—won’t you join me?

Allison J. Althoff is Today’s Christian Woman’s associate online editor. Follow her on Twitter @ajalthoff.

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I had the honor of photographing Katariina for the cover story for TCW. She told me her story, we visited places where these things happened and then we spent a day together as she ran her ministry. It was life-changing. One person can make such a huge impact on the world, by doing what God is calling them to do, even if it's one person at a time.

Stephanie - so true!, and so glad you were able to share that experience with Katariina. "One person can make such a huge impact on the world, by doing what God is calling them to do." AMEN!

This is wonderful! I saw a video from the Passion conference this year and it looked amazing. It is inspiring to see all these passionate students are joining in the fight to end human trafficking. One person at a time can certainly change this. I'm in.

Thanks for your encouragement, Karyn - perhaps this will be the generation to end human slavery worldwide! :)

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