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November 23, 2012

Free Music Friday with Keith & Kristyn Getty

"A Mother's Prayer" is a standout track on Irish hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty's most recent album, Hymns for the Christian Life, dedicated to their first child, Eliza.


Keith and Kristyn Getty are best known for their work as modern-day hymn writers. Having written such well-known songs as “In Christ Alone,” their listeners have rejoiced in the new ways they’re able to connect the church in worship to our great God. Not to disappoint, the Gettys have recently released their fourth U.S. CD, Hymns for the Christian Life.

While the album focuses on such themes as work, family, money, community, and social action, it also includes a poignant song based on an intimately personal experience they’ve had—namely, the birth of their first child, Eliza Joy.

“There’s something about becoming a mother that, at least for me, was overwhelming,” Kristyn says. “There’s something about it that drives you to your knees. The fact that God would take on the humanness and helplessness that it is to be a little child, and to put himself under the care of a young girl who is just learning how to be a mother, has really struck me this year.”

Her song, “A Mother’s Prayer,” is the result of the wonderment and overwhelming sensation that comes from being a mom. As we move into the Christmas season and ponder the birth of our Savior, we hope this song leads you into deeper worship during the holidays and every day.


*This week's Free Music Friday offer has come to a close, but you can purchase the entire album at this link.

Also, read Christianity Today's review of the couple's album here, and enjoy a behind-the-scenes look at the production of Hymns for the Christian Life in this YouTube video:

Please check back next week for a Christmas track from American gospel and CCM artist Mandisa!

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