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July 5, 2011

Justice for Caylee?

What I know for sure about the Casey Anthony verdict


“This just in . . . murder is legal in Florida.”

Those words popped up on my Facebook page from a friend. She, of course, is responding to the Casey Anthony verdict of not guilty.

I’ve been following the trial off and on over the course of its six week run. So I was interested to hear the jury's decision. Would Casey Anthony be found guilty or not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter, Caylee?

With the verdict of not guilty, I find myself wondering now, Is Casey really innocent? Or is she just not guilty? And I really don’t know.

But this is what I do know. As I watched the live stream from my computer, I realized how grateful I am that there’s something more than this trial and this verdict.

I am grateful that God is real.


Because as a Christian, I know that one day the truth will come out and justice will happen. We have that guarantee. God will make all things right.

If Caylee's death was genuinely an accident, which was covered up by a poorly judged choice that snowballed out of control, God will make things right. If Caylee's death was an intentional murder by Casey or by someone else, God will make things right.

I believe these things with my entire being. But I think about the people who don’t believe in God who have been following this case. If they believe that Caylee was murdered, they probably now believe that Caylee’s murderer will never be brought to justice. Because to them, justice happens here on earth. There is no one, outside of the courtroom, who can avenge the wrongs of others.


If Caylee's death was an accident, I mourn for a mother who made poor choices, but who will live with those choices. I grieve for a woman who is far from a God who loves her, who desperately needs a Savior to grasp her out of a dysfunctional, lost, hopeless life.

If Caylee's death was a murder, I still mourn for a mother who made poor choices, and who will live with those choices. I still grieve for a woman who is far from a God who loves her, and who desperately needs a Savior to grasp her out of a dysfunctional, lost, hopeless life.

And ultimately, as a follower of Christ, I know that Caylee’s death will not be in vain. Though finding the truth is now a dim prospect, and soon the media’s attention and cameras will move on to other newsworthy events, there is One who will not forget. The ultimate loving Father, the Judge and Jury, the One who knows all and sees the truth and the hearts of everyone involved, will not allow Caylee’s untimely death to be forgotten or lost.

At the right time, and in his perfect way, God will honor Caylee’s short life. And this is true not only for Caylee, but for all those who have been hurt or neglected by another, for all those who have died too soon.

We want answers now. We want to see justice accomplished, to know that the perpetrator “got what was coming.”

But truth and justice know no bounds, limitations, or timelines. And although answers may not happen when we want them—they may not even happen on this side of eternity—we can know that they will come. The innocent will not be forgotten.

And for that, no matter what the verdict, I am grateful that God will make things right.

What do you think about the trial’s verdict? What do you think about the true justice that God gives?

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I agree with the verdict. She was not guilty of the indicted charges of murder. Had the state gone for lesser level charges, they may have secured a conviction. Is she innocent? I don't know if she killed the child or if Caylee died accidentally. She did not do right by Caylee death. She cheated Caylee out of a proper burial. she cheated loved ones of proper grief that can occur at a funeral where the dead is honored. Casey's actions will be addressed by God. That issue belongs to Him.

I have found myself, as a pastor, on the receiving end of hurtful actions by professing Christians. I have often wondered why God did not grant me justice against those who tried to harm me. As I think about it, some day God will right all wrongs. However, when I am there with Him in eternity, I don't think I will even care about whether justice was served to those who have hurt me. And I don't think anyone else will really care about justice once we are in our eternal home. All I know is that God will wipe all tears from our eyes and give us eternal peace and joy. I think we can leave the issues of life and death with Jesus!

I really appreciated this post. Thank you for the reminder that justice will ultimately play out in Heaven, not here on earth.

Very well spoken, and my thoughts exactly. This is the best articulation of truth regarding this csse that I have seen.

I wish you would post your article on the blog that thousands are commenting on. It is true that a lot of people are angry, Christian or not. If they are Christians, maybe they need to be reminded of What Jesus Would Do, if they are not Christians, this is a beautiful way to witness to the thousands/possibily millions that are lost and do not know Him. Thank you so much for sharing this Ms. Ginger. Sherrie

As one of the jurors put it, "I didn't say she was innocent. I said the evidence was not there. If you can't prove what she actually did, then you can't set the judgement". While I understand intellectually that this is true, I believe with all my heart that Casey had everything to do with her daughter's death, albeit intential harm or neglect that brought about her demise. I immediately took comfort in the fact that God sees the big picture, always. He always rights the wrongs, even when it hurts. Caylee will have justice because God is Just. Casey will have justice because God is Just. That is the one constant in all of this.

I believe that first of all, we must "all" remember two things:
1) All have sinned and fallen short of the glory. You and I have done things that God's Grace & Mercy covered for us. So let's not get so righteous all of sudden-and start judging others. We were not there, so we don't know. We should leave that totally up to God. On judgement day, all of our sins will be before Him, not just Caylees
2)There is more than 1 way to murder. We do it all the time with our tongues--the things we say to and about each other.

My thoughts and prayers are with Caylee and her family

God knows all and sees all. What is done in the dark will come to light. Could be years, but Cindy will be judged by God, also her parents for their part in this case. It is time to let the little girl rest in peace.

I agre with you. I was not on the jury nor did I follow along day after day of the trial. I was not there at the trial so I can not and will not judge the jury or their verdict. However, God does know the truth and one day Casey Anothy will be judged by God. I am sorry for those who know the absolute truth but hide it, they too will be judges. Caylee is with God now and at peace. The rest of the people need to leave this in peace. It is done and nothing can bring back Caylee.

Wonderful article Ginger and my sentiments exactly. I did not even follow this trial as they tend to become media circuses and so much bitterness and hatred is flung about. Kathleen above also echoes my thoughts about this matter. I leave it in the capable hands of The One God and do my part by lifting ALL up in prayer.

I can only tell you that regardless of the depth of involvement Casey had in her daughter's death, that God knows the entire story and is giving Casey time to repent and turn her heart to Him. His mercy far exceeds our finite minds. Will she one day become so uncomfortable with herself and life that she will run to God with true repentance? Nobody but God knows but I believe even in the tragedy that He desires her free will to someday bend toward his bosom. He gave Osama Bin Laden time to do the same thing and he refused. God's love spans human comprehension and if we could all reflect more on His unconditional love toward us and His willingness to never give up on us, perhaps we would approach our acquaintances with a little more patience and a lot more regard than we sometimes do.

I did not follow the trial, but agree with you & the other commenters that God is the ultimate judge because He does know the whole picture.

What comes to my mind is a cartoon I've placed on my bathroom mirror. A lady is looking into the mirror- she's in her housecoat with uncombed hair obviously just awakened. Looking back at her (in the mirror) is a bright yellow happy face. Above I wrote, "We see ourselves as we are. God sees us as He wants us to be."

I try to live as He wants me to be. It takes my full attention not to displease Him. Therefore, I have no call to judge anyone else. And I am thankful "He's Still Working On Me."

This is a very good post. I didn't follow this trial, but it's challenging to not be exposed to the details now that the "not guilty" verdict has been rendered. I wrote a post in this myself, as the Lord reminded me of the account in new testament scripture of the adulterous woman that the scribes and Pharisees wanted stoned. She was caught in the act. Her guilt was certain. Yet Jesus made a point to remind everyone of his/her own sinful nature. It's so easy to get engrossed in the sins (or alleged sins) of others, as heinous as they may be. Yet in the nostrils of the Father our sin is just as pungent. I mourn for Casey, a woman who seemingly know not the love and redeeming power of Jesus Christ. I, also, mourn (as we all do) for the innocent two year old life that was taken in a manner of which we may never truthfully know. I believe in the power, justice and victory of our Savior, and I will do my best to rest in that.

Well said.

It is so hard to believe that anyone would ever be in a situation like Casey Anthony. I can't imagine what I would do, if my children were missing for more than a couple of hours, much less 30 plus days........I don't understand. I do know that, while Caylee was missing, I prayed that she would be found. After they found her, it was so horrifying that I didn't know who are what to pray for. I just looked at my children and Thanked God, for their safety.

This family, the Anthonys, are so full of grief, sorrow, anxiety, confusion and now...after the trial...can one even imagine what they are going thru. It's such a terrible situation, but I know that God is a powerful, loving and forgiving God...I pray that he deals with and heals this family. They have a long road ahead of them, the really neat deal is...Caylee is safe now and not in anybody's way, her babysitter now, is real and she is very protected, harm will never befail her again. As far as the Anthony family and Casey....their trials have just begun...this will live on in their lives forever.

I have read through all of these posts and eveyone has a really good point and is well written and thought out, I whole heartedly agree especiall the last one, the last sentence; this will live on in their lives forever. We serve an Awesome God and I am thankful for other Christians that give encouragement, hope and a much better perspective than the media.

Are you kidding me, so you think ultimate retribution is going to be after death. That's not good enough, Casey Anthony is going to be walking around free on the 17th, why? Because the Justice System failed AGAIN. All I'm seeing on here is "pray, pray, pray, God, God, God, Jesus, Jesus, JESUS!!!!" Religion is not tied down to earthly deeds, remember, we were cast out of paradise for thinking on our own, and look what's happening now. Wars, Governmental Corruption, Justice Systems based off of words from a bunch of pieces of paper that by the way are in no way shape or form omnipotent. Mankind has derived a hunger for power because of this crap, and as a result, we let murderers and rapists go free because of a 'legal technicality'. Bull Crap, this is corruption. The nation needed another O J Simpson case to keep America pissed off, the more they feed the beast the less of passive, free race of people we will be. I respect you people and what you believe in but when almost every other sentence has the words God, Jesus, or Heaven in it, I think that there is so much more you could be saying about things that actually matter here and now. I know there is no way to prove or disprove God or religion, but I choose to follow my own beliefs not something that was written as a tablet of control and a fictional novel containing myths and stories derived hundreds, maybe even thousands of years before Jesus was even a concept. Please, for the love of all you care about and pertains to your existence, if you are going to start a discussion about Casey Anthony in a blog, don't speak about her 15% of the time and then talk about God like it even matters to the scenario. A little girl is dead, and there will be no justice found for her......EVER!!! Trust me, nothing pisses me off more than that, you want proof, wait and see, the world is not going to end in this life or the next, there will be no Armageddon to be afraid of, hell is a place in your mind as well as heaven, but I would like to believe that there is something after life, I just prefer to, I don't know, LIVE life to my expectations, not some fantastical novel written by people that may never have existed in the first place.


This, by far, is the best blog-post I've read about the verdict. I 100% agree with you, wholeheartedly. I've always felt like there's not much we can do anyway when it comes to matters of the justice system. THe verdict is what it is so we should lose any sleep over it or let our blood pressure rise. In the end, whether people believe this or not, God has the final say-so. So, it's better for us to just move forward in our lives and not get so stressed. He reigns above all.

Excellent post!


My heart aches for Jacquie!

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