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August 10, 2010

An Hour with J.I. Packer

If you didn’t get a chance to participate in the webinar, you can view it here.

Theologian and author J.I. Packer answered questions in a one-hour live webinar held on August 4th. Dr. Packer was interviewed by Kyria contributing editor, JoHannah Reardon.

(Please note that you must have Adobe Flash installed to be able to view the webinar, and the file cannot be downloaded to be viewed later.)

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What a wonderful opportunity to gain enlightenment from Dr. Packer's experience, scholarly preparation and God-given message! He stimulated many thoughts and actions. Thank you for making it available and please continue to provide opportunities for direct exposure to the thoughts of our Christian leaders both in live webinar format as well as in the archived record of the interview.

This is frustrating to try to listen to. The connection keeps slowing down or completely dying. I leave it for a while, then resume listening until the next stoppage.
Can you please post at least an MP3 file?

Audio is breaking in between can you provide an MP3 of the same


I had the privilege of hearing and meeting Dr. Packer a few years ago at a book expo. His humility and incredible wealth of wisdom is something I am so thankful to God for being able to listen to and learn from. Thank you Dr. Packer for your lifetime of obedience.

We tried to listen to the interview but the audio keeps stopping and it is pretty difficult to hear the whole thing.
I am writing from india

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