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May 4, 2010

Prayer Webinar with Patricia Raybon

Discuss what you've just learned about prayer.

Prayer is a mysterious concept, but it doesn't have to be confusing. Now that you've experienced the Kyria webinar with Patricia Raybon, we hope you have a deeper understanding about what prayer truly is and how to commune with God on a more profound level. What struck you about what Patricia said about the nature of prayer? How do you encounter God in prayer?

Share an example of a time God surprised you or answered a prayer in a unique way. What about a time God didn't answer your prayer but taught you something about himself? Was there anything that Patricia said that gave you a fresh perspective? How will this new thinking affect your prayer life?


I really enjoyed the time spent with the webinar. I liked how Patricia lead it all back to simple prayer of asking God...how to pray, to seek order in a ministry of prayer, asking for blessings...asking God to help us "be" the kind of people that He can bless....

The time together with Patricia showed me how God can move us and lead us to pray... I had tears in my eyes when she said she was praying for all the women who would attend the webinar because I live so far away (in Brazil) and to think that someone was praying for me without even knowing me is so comforting. Thanks for the beautiful webinar.

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