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March 17, 2010

Christians and Homosexuals

How should we treat those who are gay?

My husband, Brad, met Norman when Brad spoke at an interfaith Easter service. Norman approached him and asked if he could talk. In a short time, Brad learned that Norman had been a practicing homosexual all his life and was now suffering from AIDS. In further conversations, Brad found out that Norman’s mother was a Christian and had been praying that he would come to Christ before he died. He did.

Never was a man more radically changed. From the outset, Norman told Brad that he didn’t know if he could change his orientation, but he knew he could change his behavior, and that he would from now on. My husband honored that and concentrated on helping him in that battle, which we all have, to control his sin nature.

Norman became a part of our family. He came to a Bible study in our home each week and sang the songs with the vigor of a man who knew he would soon be meeting the One he sang about. He soaked in Scripture as if it were his last drink of water before entering a long desert journey. Some people thought that we were foolish to have an advanced AIDS patient so near our young children, since at that time little was known about AIDS and fears were rampant. But the things our family learned through Norm’s hunger and enthusiasm for God ended up being tremendous. Our kids saw his love for God’s Word, his concern for other people, and his grace in the midst of suffering.

Toward the end, we mostly saw Norm at the hospital. When he died, we felt such great loss. What we would have missed if we hadn’t known him! None of us had ever been around someone who had a fatal disease, which AIDS was at that time. We learned compassion for one who was slowly, painfully letting go of this life and preparing for the next. It helped us evaluate what was important to us as we saw him let go of all the trivial things in his life.

Before Norman, I had never known someone who claimed to be a homosexual and a Christian. He made me think about this issue a lot. I’m sure there are many reasons someone ends up in the homosexual camp. Some believe they were born that way, others end up there because of early sexual abuse, and still others because their moral compass is so completely skewed that they have no idea how to find direction.

But no matter the reason, we are commanded to love. That doesn’t mean we excuse sinful behavior, but it does mean we listen, understand, and sacrifice our own comfort and preconceived ideas to represent Christ well. Through Norman and our relationship with him, I discovered the importance of listening before condemning and of offering the same grace that Christ shows me in spite of all my faults and foibles.

What kind of experiences have you had with someone who claims to be a homosexual, and how have you seen God use you in their lives and vice versa?

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I volunteer at a local college and I work with two students who are navigating life facing these exact issues. So far, since it's early on in our relationships, I haven't felt a lot of influence on them, but I am certainly a voice of reason for the one I meet with weekly. I just wish we all could realize and acknowledge that just as much as I am not the Anger I struggle with, they are not their Orientation. I have been able to simply place that whole issue in God's hands to deal with as they progress and grow in relationship with Him.

Well, that's an interesting question for me, because I actually came to Christ through being involved in a homosexual relationship with a Christian. So while Christians can and do fall into any and every kind of sin, you never have to doubt the redemptive power of God to work all things together for good.

It was so refreshing to read this message. My uncle was a Christian and a homosexual who also died from AIDS. He was a loving and awesome man and his death was a great loss. I think that too often today the vast majority of Christians are too quick to judge others and forget entirely about love and grace. How is anyone supposed to see the spirit of Christ in us if all they can see is hate and condemnation. I think if we all remind ourselves daily that we too are sinners and that all are worthy of Christ's love than that is the message that we will send and that is what will draw others away from sinful lives and towards God.

I agree completely, but caution others to STAY on this track. Many times Christians forget to separate the SIN from the SINNER and in our acceptance of the sinner, we begin to accept the sin. We must be careful to be clear about loving the sinner and hating the sin. As we continue to read the Word, the Holy Spirit will continue to keep our minds steadfast on these issues.

So, my daughter who was saved when she was little, is now living a homosexual life. I completely love her and try not to treat her any differently than I do the other kids - although we have made it clear that I do not see myself condoning the behavior by allowing her to bring a partner home. Although, if I went to her home or met her out somewhere and she had someone with her, I would never be rude or uncaring. She sees the fact that I won't allow her to bring anyone home as a judgement and a general unacceptance of her. She is offended when I (or even her friends) say we feel she is missing out on God's best for her. But generally we don't talk much about it anymore - we've agreed to disagree. But there are many churches out there now that have made allowances and acceptances of the lifestyle. How do we handle that part? It's easy to know how to love someone and be there for someone who is seeking to get out of that lifestyle. But what about when the person says, "God is OK with who I am, He doesn't make any mistakes, and He made me this way".

I spent many years ministering to the homosexual community in Houston, and have never met a homosexual Christian in all my years of ministry, as it is Biblically impossible to be a practicing Chritian homosexual for the glory of God, any more than one can be a practicing Christian adulterer, glutton, murderer, or thief for the glory of God. The problem I found during my years of ministry to gays is simply one's definition of what constitutes a Christian. No one can be a practicing Christian and a practicing sinner at the same time...Biblically impossible...Until the Church (of which I am one small part) stresses the importance of holiness, more than irresponsible grace, sin will run rampant among those who claim the name of Christ. Though I may claim to love my wife while I am having an affair with 3 different women over a period of 5 years and call myself a Christian, this is ludicrous, as love for my wife entails exclsivity as love for God does. In all my experience I have never met a practicing homosexual who even WANTED to call him / herself Christian, as they know that in order to live for the glory of God, they would have to change their lifestyle and they simply didn't want to...end of story...Gays need the Lord as do adulterors, but you can't live for the glory of God and your flesh at the same time...If one doesn't WANT to live holy, then calling oneself Christian is just a title that carries no more weight than if I call myself a body builder cause I go to the gym once a month...Don't take the name if you don't want to represent it.

I don't have any trouble separating the sin from the sinner as a Christian, but I have two gay brothers who both made professions of faith as children. One even was president of his Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at his university before choosing to follow the lifestyle. Each has a different take on the situation...one realizes that to follow Christ, he can't live the life and call himself a Christian. The other, goes to an "accepting" church, prays, reads the Bible, and sees nothing wrong with the life. (This is after a number of years staying away from the Church and refusing to do anything with God.) Neither are in true fellowship with God...and I often ask myself what I would do if they found partners they wished to be "married" to. The only answer I could give would be to not attend the celebration. I love my brothers and they love me, and I have no problem going out with them and their partners just for fun. But I cannot support a "celebration" of what is not and never shall be a part of a life lived in step with God, nor something that I don't agree with even if they had not made a profession of faith. Very hard sometimes to draw the line and decide where it needs to be made, but in the end, it is important for Christians to stand up and be counted, even if it means going against popular opinion or family. On a separate note however, it is important to note that no one ever got judged into the kingdom. Love is the key - but to do it and stand up for what is right is key also. Would I ever hold someone who is not and has never made a commitment to Christ accountable for their lifestyle? No. Would I attend their "wedding" to a partner, again, no. But, I would treat them with love, respect, and friendship.

Thanks for posting this. I have many friends in the world, and a few years ago three of them confessed to homosexual desires. 2 have chosen to become actively gay. These friends are not saved, and I continue to pray for them, but this obstacle has seemed insurmountable to me. Thanks for the reminder that God is bigger than all that...

What I read in the Bible, both Old and New Testaments, is that primarily what God condemns is the pride of people who claim that they are the ones with the answers and those poor other demented souls who do those "awful" sins are much more worthy of God's condemnation than we are. Remember Jesus' outright condemnation of the Pharisees who were as whited sepulchers for their unwillingness to admit their own sin and to not want to talk with or even touch those who they considered had worse sins than their own.

I think it is prideful of us to be defining a sin by declaring something that "we" don't do is a sin, while we are not humbly stating what our sin is and that it is equal to that sin which others do. We try to assume God's position of declaring what is sinful and what is not.

At this point, homosexuality is not understood in our modern thinking. We do not know what causes some people to have an attraction for those of the same sex while others have an attraction for the opposite sex. I am reminded of the Middle Ages where many things were defined as sins that we now know were just opposites to the prevailing opinions and understandings of their time. Many were even publicly killed for the stands they took, even on astronomy, medicine, psychology, etc.

We must stand only on the proclamation of Jesus as the Son of God and Him crucified as our redemption for all sins. To go farther than that is dangerous and inherently prideful. We must remain humble before Him and others.

Actually, we are not left guessing what God means when He says homosexuality is an abomination to Him, God means those precise words. All Scripture is inspired. Things don't change because our amoral culture is trying to demand that we accept homosexuality as being no different than heterosexuality. It does not matter what man says, but what GOD SAYS.

People often fall for the illogical argument regarding sin and say that since just one sin separates us from God, then all sins must be equal. That is not a logical statement. In fact, if you look up what Jesus says, He mentions "greater" sins, meaning some are worse than others. Yes, just one sin would condemn you to hell, but that does not mean they are all identical. The death penalty was used for certain crimes in the Old Testament when the Jews were under a Theocracy, but of course the death penalty was not for all crimes.

Yes, we all sin, but Christians with the Holy Spirit in them try to not sin. Jesus told the prostitute to "go and sin no more". He didn't say "hey, we all sin, it's no biggie". Sins ARE big to our all holy God, and they separate us from Him. By believing in Him, and repenting of our sins, we are saved by God's grace.

Sins of the body, which are listed in the Bible, such as honosexuality, sodomy, effeminate behavior are condemned in particular, because they are sins of the body, and believers have the Holy Spirit in them. This is not me saying it, but if you read the Bible, it's there a few times. How much clearer can it be? Homosexual, effeminate behavior, etc.

If you think it is "hateful" to try and save someone from the everlasting fire, then fine, you are entitled to your beliefs. But I do care about people, and that is why I tell people what God has said. Not what I have said, but what God has said. We will all face God someday, and it's in the Bible several times that those who continue in certain sins will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Hebrews 10:26-27 says:

26If we deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, 27but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God.

If we love God, we try to not sin. Period.

This is one topic that is hard for me. Yes God loves each and every person from child molestors to killers to every sinner. Does He overlook their sins? No-He died and His blood covers our sins. Is homosexuality a sin? My Bibles all say so. It does not mean that I should look down on a person who is homosexual; but that doesn't mean that they are not sinning. For some reason, many people look at homosexuality differently. That is to me, just what the devil wants. It is, as was stated earlier, a sin of the body. The Holy God lives in the body of Christians; and He cannot continue living in a body that has the sexual sin. It is no different than an adulterer. And I would like to remind us all, that Jesus said whoever sins in their hearts-lusts etc-has committed the sin. So I think the devil has blinders on so many people regarding homosexuality. I have heard some say I'm not hurting anyone. It is a total distortion of truth. They are hurting their personal relationship with a loving and eternal God. They are hurting themselves by their sin. Just as each and every one of us, myself included, are hurt by any sin in our lives. When we know we have sin, we must immediately confess our sins-and then-go and sin no more. I do not condemn the sinner, but the sin must be dealt with. Whether homosexuality, or lust, or stealing or lying or whatever. I do not have all the answers, but I know the One who does.

Jen - I think you are responding just right with your daughter - taking a stand where you can and loving her in spite of. As for everyone else's comments, this discussion needs to separate orientation from behavior. Can a person be born with a certain orientation? We don't know. But anyone can control their behavior - that is where the sin is.

What a blessing it was to read Johannah's article. I had just come back from my regular coffee shop quite burdened because the manager that I had grown to admire had just announced some awesome news that she & her spouse had just received. When I made the comment, "he" she corrected me to say, "my spouse is a woman". I handled myself gracefully (thankfully) at the time but later wondered if I had honored God in my response. I feel by showing her grace at the time, the door remains open for other discussions about God's will for her life.

If they are saved, treat them as children of God. If they are not saved, pray for their salvation. There is no degree of sin, we have all fallen short of the Glory of God. And we are all held accountable. Just as Jesus, we must all love the sinner, but not the sin. Pray for them.

Oh boy, this is killing me. I'm apparently one of the few christians that does NOT believe homosexuality is a sin, but rather a biological entity which one does not have control over. Therefore, it is as natural as heterosexuality and should be treated as such. You don't "pray" your way out of homosexuality, just as you don't "pray" for blue eyes and then receive them. There is entirely too much ignorance about this topic in the christian world, one more reason I got away from the Catholic church and went running the other way toward a worldview which was more more educated and tolerant of diversity.

@Larry: ". No one can be a practicing Christian and a practicing sinner at the same time...Biblically impossible..."


I am a practicing Christian and a "practicing" sinner ALL THE TIME. I am saved by grace, not by my lack of sin. No matter how hard I may try, sin is there.

It has been my observation that many believers have more of a homophobic rather than "sinophobic" attitude in regards to homosexuals. Perhaps this is due to the repulsive nature of the sin, as well as the manifestation of the sin showing up in behaviors and even physically. It is a sin that sticks out like a sore thumb these days, and I believe people may be tempted to look at other sins to a lesser degree than this one. One might even believe that it would be easier to share his or her faith with a murderer or adulterer than a homosexual. I know, because I was that kind of believer. I would get angry when I saw them on TV, purposely parading their perversion, or being aggressive in pushing their agendas. Although I never spoke out loud about it, I judged them in my heart. I believed the words in Romans 1:24-27, and saw these people going straight to hell. Still, I wondered how I would react if a gay person came down the aisle and wanted to become a member of my church. I knew that God loved them, but I sure didn't. I didn't want to be near it. I didn't know how I would handle it.
I began asking God to help me see the truth about how He views sin and the sin of homosexuality in particular. I really believed this sin was "high on the list", after all it's been called an abomination to the Lord. It's a perversion of what He has made. It goes against the very image in which we were created. Allow me to share a story of how God answered my prayers.

One day my husband was picking up an elderly family friend at her apartment in New York City. He had picked up a newspaper in the lobby as he waited and brought it home. I had picked it up and sat thumbing through it the next morning. What my husband and I didn't know, was that he had picked up a gay newspaper. Page after page were articles on gay relationships, sexual products, ads for psychiatrists, counselors, adoption agencies, etc. What really caught my attention were the prescription drug ads for people who had AIDS, with slogans such as, "Live life your way!" The drug ads were numerous, on every other page. I saw these words pass over my mind, "It's a death sentence..a trap.. .a lie. They are blind." I began to weep over those pages. I wept because people believe in the lies about this lifestyle. They are lies that lead to death. For the first time, I saw the Lord's heart regarding this sin. I was unexpectedly overwhelmed with grief. It grieved Him and it grieved me terribly that day. I asked for God's forgiveness for my judgmental, "holier than thou" attitudes. God put His compassion for sinners, especially for the homosexual, into my heart that day. I knew my heart was changed months later as I watched the auditions for "American Idol" one evening. A young effeminate man got up to sing, and as soon as he opened his mouth I began to weep. My heart went out to him and I prayed for him. Each time I come in contact with someone who I believe may be homosexual; I go out of my way to be kind to them and to pray for them. I share this story with you because you may find it difficult to relate or converse with this kind of person. If that’s the case, then ask God to show you how He sees them, so that your heart can be transformed into one of genuine compassion and concern for their life and eternal destination. I’ve also come to realize that God looks at all kinds of sin the same. There are no degrees of greater or lesser sins.. Forgive me for sharing but. someone once gave me this analogy about sin that helped me put it into perspective , “ If you step into a small pile of dog poop or a big pile of dog poop.. it’s still dog poop.” God desires for us to treat all people with respect and gentleness and lead them to the truth without condemnation, because the truth is we all fall much too short and all deserve to be eternally punished. Scripture tells us that “ The wages of sin is death”, but also gives us the hope that “while we were still sinners Christ died for us.” As Christians we need to ask God to show how we can reach out to people regarding any hidden or unhidden sins and point them to the One who can forgive them, heal them, renew their minds and give them the power to change behaviors, which leads to a changed life.

We are all sinners and each day I am astounded by the Lord's Grace and Mercy. Welcoming Norman into your home and life was just what the Lord wants us to do each and every day. You showed a man looking to reconnect with his creator a way home and were there for him as he went on Home. God Bless you!

My family has been bombarded with this very conversation the past five years when my cousin came out. Two weeks after I found out, I moved to Denver away from my family and found an amazing ministry called Where Grace Abounds that has shaped my approach to homosexuals and homosexuality. In short 100% Grace 100% Truth. Unfortunately, my family has taken a different route, one without much grace, and it has caused nothing but pain on all sides. I trust God is working, but at times it is hard to see. I continue to pray for my cousin and aunt and uncle through their strained relationship as well as my cousin and his husband. In this world we have a lot of trouble, but take heart! Christ has overcome the world.

@ Lois, it's funny that you should say that. My husband and I were discussing this topic of being "born" a certain way. Simply put, we are all born into sin. (Psalm 51:5) Our very nature is sinful. The flesh itself, by itself is prone to sin. Without Christ, we are left to do what our sinful nature commands us to do. (James 1:15) But thanks be to GOD, we get a new nature when we accept Christ. So, a person who has committed acts of murder, or even misuse of their body by gluttony or anorexis behavior are only acting out the variety of sin that we as human flesh are capable of. What am I. Glenda, capable of??? I have no idea. Without Christ, my flesh could commit any act I could conceive or allow to enter my mind. But if any man BE IN CHRIST he is a NEW (not restored) NEW creature OLD things are passed away and BEHOLD (look, so that you can believe) ALL Things are become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17) So I think you are right that a person is born a certain way. But after we are adopted into the family of God he exchanges our old nature and gives us His. To say that we have his nature and to keep sinning is to say that God, our Holy GOD, is capable of the same thing.

When a person is adopted into a new family, the idea is that they have a new start. That the course of their life has drastically changed because some loving person has taken them from where they were, given them a NEW name, and thereby, a new identity. This transformation is what happens when we are IN Christ.
Not just know of Him, or like what He did for us, but truly IN him and HE IN us.

I believe that the enemy of this world has blinded our eyes on this particular subject. So that when a person says they are born this way, us Christians get upset and take it to mean that God input this desire in you. I don't think that's so. When sin entered into the world, then diverse arrangements of sin took place. But that really is the wonderful thing about knowing and accepting Christ. HE makes ALL things NEW.

This is not the same as wanting a different eye or skin color. But it's about Spirit and Soul. Those things which only God can see and handle, if we give it to him. NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with God. (Mark 10:27; Matthew 19:26)
Romans 7; Galatians 5
Grace and Peace. I pray this is received with Love.

My son is gay. He was raised in a Christian home and prays to God daily, he's even prayed about his identity. I want to state what I believe to be true. Ever since my son was 3 years old he used to ask me if he would wake up as a girl, he didn't like the body he was in. Does that sound like a choice? I love my son and I know that he loves God, He is not dating anyone and seems to be content being abstanent, however he identifies himself as a gay man. He worries that he is going to go to hell because he knows what the Bible says. I have to believe that God has a purpose for everything and he allows events in our life, I pray for this stronghold to be broken and know that in Gods time it will be, but I do not agree that homosexuality is a choice. My son has felt different since he was a toddler, free of sin. This world is full of sin and those who make judgements of things they assume are not professing Gods love...Who dare throw the first rock? Who of us is free of sin? Pray for our fallen brothers and sisters but please do don't pass judgement, my son did not decide to be gay, he always felt different and has suffered from depression because he too wants to know, why me?

You know what? I have a close family member who is a homosexual who I love very much. But all of you who make excuses and say "Did God REALLY say that?" (as satan said to Eve in the garden) have not made God number 1 in your lives. God is to be before ALL things, and until you do that, you obviously are unable to understand Scripture, or you do not want to believe it, or you do as you do, and make thousands of excuses. God is extremely clear on this issue. It doesn't matter what you think or what you hope for. God has said what the eternal fate of those who are homosexual is. I believe God over man any day.

Of course I love my family member, just as I do the members of our family who are unbelievers. I have witnessed to them in love several times. We both know how each other feels. But I'm not going to make excuses for them, and God is not going to either. God is Holy and a Righteous Judge, besides being a God of love. If you love some made up God who is ONLY a God of love, and you don't believe the verses about His wrath, you have made an idol. The God of the Bible is clear about the wrath to come and the eternal lake of fire.

Isaiah 55:7-9 says this:

7 Let the wicked forsake his way and the evil man his thoughts. Let him turn to the LORD, and he will have mercy on him, and to our God, for he will freely pardon.

8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD.

9 "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways
and my thoughts than your thoughts."

All of our philosophizing and excuse making adds up to nothing. Sinners need to repent. That means to turn away from their sin. Anyone who is continually sinning, while a believer, knows in their heart the separation they feel from God. When the sin is truly repented of, God once again feels so much closer, and how wonderful that feeling is! They are missing out NOW on the wonderful relationship they could be having with their Creator. And, until they truly repent, God has said what will happen after they pass away.

I can't tell you how much it blesses me to hear God's Spirit in so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ. GOD is LOVE and so many comments from many have reflected that love. If homosexuality were a 'biological entity which one does not have control over' then the Lord certainly would not have listed it and called it an abominable sin. As others have pointed out, God gives a list of sins (see Gal. 5:21) which, if continually practiced (on purpose and with no regard to the consequences), will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God. Homosexuality is on that list. Therefore, knowing that our God is a just God and does not ever make a mistake, the thought that He would put a man in a woman's body or a woman in a man's body is ludicrous. But, following that logic...IF God did do that, God could no longer be God because scripture is clear that God is perfect and that would be a mistake. And if God is not perfect and makes mistakes, we need to throw away the bible because if one word of it is a lie, how can we trust the rest? BUT, Glory to God, the fact is, ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God II Tim 3:16. Let God be true but every man a liar Rom 3:4. God's word is the solid rock on which we can stand and His word infallible. God does not make mistakes and people are born to be the gender they are. I remember being very young...maybe six or seven. My dad was extremely physically and mentally abusive and because of that I tended to reject men and became attracted to the softness of females. I had a girlfriend that I would play 'house' with and she always chose the role of the man. I loved it. Later, in my early teens, I experimented sexually with a girlfriend and found myself attracted toward certain females. Regardless of this, I did marry a man and have two children. At the age of 21 the Lord came into my life. Looking back, I see how the devil, who is a liar and the father of lies, was trying to indoctrinate me into a homosexual lifestyle and it was by the grace of God that I did not succumb to the wooing. I was not born gay nor was I ever gay. I was being tempted and mislead by the flesh (Romans ch. 7 & 8) and deception of the devil (1 Peter 5:8). Under different circumstances, I may well have been convinced that I was gay and born that way - there was evidence to that fact but that evidence was a lie. This is what I propose: Besides a myriad of emotional and psycological events that can mislead us and start us down a homosexual path, there are hormones and chemicals that are released during sexual encounterers that tend to bind partners - male or female. This chemical reaction is much like the addicting power of drugs or any 'feel good' experiences worth repeating. I believe this is why so many still profess to be gay, even after coming to the Lord. They are still under the physical, emotional and psychological effects of the chemical reaction released in the brain during a relationship. Anybody that has had an addiction of any type can relate - it doesn't just 'go away' the minute you stop some type of addicting substance or behavior. Especially the psycological aspects. I believe the homosexual tendencies start in the mind, which controls the body, soul and can control the spirit as well. It's an impossible situation to break free of by yourself but those who trust in Jesus and His word will be able to overcome. Eph. 4:23 is an excellent key - be made new in your minds....and II Cor 10:5 - Allow the word of God to wash away all thoughts and feelings that exalt themselves againt the knowledge of God and bring in to captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. I believe the Word of God, the sword of the Spirit, WILL defeat the army of homosexual lies that continually attempt to mislead, kill, steal and destroy God's children.

I wonder if any of you well-intentioned people have ever taken the time to do an in-depth study of those seemingly condemning scriptures regarding homosexuality. If not, I challenge you to do so. What you will find are scriptures’ that address same-sex acts performed by heterosexual people as a part of temple worship to idol gods, exploitation and humiliation for an enemy, or violence against foreigners. If you study these scriptures you will see that these were people who did not love God nor did they acknowledge God. These are a very different people than those of us who have been created with a same-sex sexual orientation, which is a wonderful, beautiful gift from God. You say, “How can that be? How can that be a gift from God?” It is a gift because God created it in us. “For you [God] created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you [God] because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.” (Ps. 139:13-15) God created us with our sexuality as it is. God did not intend us to be celibate as God did not intend for heterosexuals to be celibate. Sexuality is a gift. We are people who love God with our whole hearts, and minds, and souls, and bodies. We are a people who have accepted Jesus Christ as Savior and who have that personal relationship with Him. We are people who love and live responsible, caring lives. And we are a people who believe, regardless of what others may say, that “God so loved the world that God gave us Jesus that whosoever (emphasis mine) believes in Him will not perish but will have everlasting life.” (Jn. 3:16) We are a people who believe God above anyone else. And we stand on God’s promises.

This is a difficult topic for me right now as I have just " with what she calls her "life partner". I love my niece but am have difficulty knowing for sure how to handle this - should I go or not? I talked to my brother who is not happy about this and he would really like his family there as support and because I love him I am struggling. I told him I loved my niece and always will, but I cannot support what she is doing - he says he understands, but I am not sure if he truly does. He is not a Christian so doesn't have a problem with the "sin" issue, but does have a problem with his daughter living this life style. Any suggestions?

I am sorry, somehow some of my post disappeared. I meant to say in my post that I have just been invited to a "commitment service" for my niece and what she calls her "life partner..." Sorry for the confusion.

Michelle, I have suggest you go to the following link and scroll down to homosexuality. It deals with your objection and others made by homosexual apologists.


It's always very difficult when family members are involved. This has not come up since we've been married, but if my homosexual family member were to get married, I would not attend. I would try to stay on friendly terms though, always in the hope that they will believe and repent. We've been married going on 30 years now, and although we get along with all of our non-believer family members, including the homosexual, we pretty much disagree on all political issues because so many issues do have biblical morality involved, like it or not. Our religious differences make it like we are looking at the world out of 2 different windows, we see so many things in life differently. Jesus said this would happen, so it is no surprise.

Doing what God asks is not always easy, but it is ALWAYS the right thing to do. He said He did not come to bring peace, but to bring division.

"Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. 35 For I have come to turn " 'a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law - 36a man's enemies will be the members of his own household." Matt 10:34-36

Help! My supervisor is a Lesbian and does not like me because I am a Christian. She has made my life a living h*** since she started. How do I get her to leave me alone?

What are the marks of the Christian but Love Joy Peace Patience. I patience with those slow to grow and prayer fasting if that is your ministry to cast out devils.Darknesss and light two very different places. Look at the character of our Heavenly Father and remember how the angels rejoice when one sinner is saved. Not our place to judge How much damage Christians can do to troubled souls. It is God who works in us. The biggest most henious crime of all is agains children this is where surely ministry should be enlightened regarding the sexual predator against children how long they work even to the next generation. Same devil same God.To the one wh's supervisor is harassing her tell her you will sue if that doesn't work change your job or get her fired.

Angela - concerning your supervisor who is giving you a hard time. Love her - she is probably judging you by Christians who have been unkind to her in the past - or at least her perception is so. Just return kindness for bitterness and change her idea about Christians.

I have to say that Jen's entire comment to this blog horrified me, especially this "I spent many years ministering to the homosexual community in Houston, and have never met a homosexual Christian in all my years of ministry..." and "No one can be a practicing Christian and a practicing sinner at the same time." What? We all fall short of the glory of God every day of our lives (“fall” is present tense in Romans 3:23). Personally I always see love as the winner over hate, anger, abuse, etc. Was I a better Christian in an abusive heterosexual marriage than in a loving homosexual relationship? Was that a better example to the people in my life? Was Christ more pleased with me then? I certainly do not feel estranged from God, and I most certainly am a Christian.

Correction to the above post - it was not Jen's post, but Larry's post. Peace to you all.

I have known Homosextuals and have respected them as God's children who have gone astray. I know that all we can do is pray for them to chose the right path to God. I know that if they are Homosexual and call themselves Christians that means they do not engage in Homosexual activities. They can not help who they are but they can come to Jesus Christ. We cannot judge them, only God can do that. So I say just pray for them.

Sinners are to to be shunned, only the Sin.

I worked for seventeen years in an HIV/AIDS program and I completely agree with you. AT the time I began people withAIDS were treated the way lepers were in the time of Jesus's life on earth. I got involved in the work becase Jesus called me to it. As much as I hope I was blessing to our patients I know they were a blessing to me. If Christians want to avoid sinners we will have to leave this world to do it. I know God did not put me in charge of judging the sins of other people, I am too busy drawing closer to the Lord and making sure my life reflects my faith.

Being a gay person is not by choice, it is born within from birth and cannot never be reversed as this has been proven many times. I am a christian and respect the word of the Lord everyday of my life. I am a child of god who was born into this body. My family have no issues and love who I am. I am worthy of the Lord as much as a Murderer, Villain, Rapist etc, is forgiven by the Lord as the bible reads. I fully understand what the bible says about homosexuality, however, this is who I am and god still loves me as much as I love him.

Sebastian, evidence is beginning to support the fact that some are born with a homosexual pre-disposition. If some people are born with other pre-dispositions, then why not a homosexual one? The thing you must be cautioned against is using that to excuse the behavior. The Bible condemns homosexual acts; it does not condemn you for being a homosexual. And while you may not have a choice to be gay, you do have another important choice to make: to obey God and refrain from homosexual acts. Henri Nouwen is a good example of this. Yes, God still loves you but He demands that you submit to His will and surrender forever your right to yourself, your own choices, your own preferences, your own likes, etc. Just like he does for the heterosexual (sadly, we often gloss over this part). You will be forgiven whenever you stumble and repent, but do not complacently allow yourself to continue in the lifestyle knowing that you are covered by God's grace.

Great point by Joanne.

Thank you Mark for your comments. Even the title of the article is "telling". Can we expect more? - "Christians and Gossips" "Christians and Those Who Judge" "Christians and People With Addictions" etc. etc. Thanks too to Kellie for your wisdom.

To kj:
When you play the "fact" card, you really should have actual FACTS instead of statements about what you wish were facts.
Nothing in your list is actually true except for no. 4 relating to AIDS. The rest are merely your opinions which, last time I checked, do not substitute for facts. If you really want to "clean up" this debate, you are going to have to do better than that.
We do not know a person's heart, that is true, so it is impossible to tell for certain whether anyone is a Christian even if they profess to be. However, scripture says we are known by our fruit, and if someone is actively, defiantly, and purposefully practicing sin and making excuses for doing so or discounting the nature of the sin (i.e., calling it something else), then that sort of fruit tends to indicate (not prove, but indicate) that the person is, at best, very far from God. Salvation is a gift, not a right. God gives it to whomever He pleases, and Ephesians tells us that it is NOT based on works. Labels mean nothing, but fruit does. You are known, for better or for worse, by your actions. God's word calls homosexuality a sin, and trying to pretend it doesn't is denial, not explanation.
Now is it cleaner?

Jim, your comments should be directed at Kellie...the name of the "poster" appears below the comments (look at yours posted).

Despite that, though, look at the anger in your post. That's not very good fruit now, is it? We should speak the truth in love, not sarcasm or snipes (e.g., "now is it cleaner?"). I don't see that Kellie is denying that homosexual acts are sinful. I do see her trying to put a human face on homosexuals. She's overplaying the label thing a bit, but that's not egregious. But nowhere does she deny what the Bible says. She's being a bit patronizing herself, but not denying Scripture.

Iwas a practicing homosexual only once.He was my first and only love.I am saved and tried to stop the only person that I felt ever loved me so that my family will love and not reject me,to no avail! My friend won,t believe its wrong to be homo.and has nowhere to go!I would rather be alone again than to stay in sin with my only friend. My family takes money from me,but never calls or invite me to have any fellowship with them,ever. My church rejcts me even more and I stay home alone mostly daily.my friend works and never think God can change him or me and he sometimes influence me to do things I don't want so that I have someone to talk to.He also mimanages my money because my SSA Disease causes memory lapse from the last stages of this incurable disease! I PRAY that my Father God comes to take me home with him so that my misery will seize! I know God the Father cares for my suffering and I look at it as my punishment for thinking I was gay and doing what made me very sad,just to have a human friend! Can ANYONE give me advice,I know suicide won't help...(I Think) I pay my tithes and offerings,but I was told GOD don't want a homos money! Although I was 38 when I had homo sex,I still never had anyone else.I PRAY to be straight so that I can be in Peace with JESUS for my sins he died for! What do I DO?

there seems to a question here who is a christian & who is not--the scripture is clear-it states that those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God. Also there is a question about Christians struggling with a sin nature. That old nature dies at the new birth. What remains is a mind that has not caught up with the mind of Christ united to our regenerated Spirit. The true Christian does not Sin intentionally, as He cannot. Prior to new birth we sinned naturally & were good by accident. Now as a regenerated person, I walk in rightoeusness & sin by unintentional accidents. A true Christian is a brand new individual who has died & risen with Christ- Christ is in the the people chnging business. the old person I was before I died & was born again was a sex addixct, heading toward homosexuality, I was a alcoholic, amd a druggy-Now I have none of those desires. they didn't go away over night but as my mind began to renewed they left. Now I am left with the fruits of the Spirit of which one is self control. That all comes naturally as Now I am a natural supernatural person. I would have to actually plan to sin in order to do so.

Oh My! Now the Christians who are deciding who IS Christian and who is not and who is sinful and who is not are criticizing/attacking each other. I imagine God sitting with His head in His hands, weeping. How sad.

It is amazing to me when I hear people say they were born homosexual. When I read in Genesis where God created Adam and then he saw that Adam was lonely he did not create another male to be with Adam but he created a female to be with Adam. When it is said that people are born gay you are saying that God messed up. Sin in this world is what shapes the lives of yound people somewhere along the way and warps their desires to be against nature. I do not hate the sinner but niether do I believe we should compromise God's laws no matter who it is. If I have a son who kills someone I still would love him but he would still be a murderer and needs God's forgiveness. It is the same thing if I have a son or daughter who is gay. A gay lifestyle is against the law of God and is still a sin and must be repented of and turned away from. Yes, Jesus forgave the woman who was brought to him caught in the very act of sdultery, but then He said, "Go and sin no more." He would say the same thing about homosexuality. Trying to use grace to justify continuing in sin is not right and will not work when we satnd before God. The apostle said, "Shall we continue in sin that grace may aboutd? God forbid." those who have been involved in the homosexual lifestyle must repent and turn away from the sin, forsaking the homosexual lifestyle, and follow Christ. Jesus tells us if we die in our sins, where e is we cannot go. I implore those who claim to be Saved yet continue in their sins o homosexuality to repent quickly and turn away from their sin. Sin will never enter into the Kingdom of heaven. When we say we are saved, yet willingly contiue in sin, we crucify the Lord Jesus afresh by our actions and deceive ourselves. I do believ that Christ died for the homosexual as well as everyone else. But we are net helping the homosexual by accepting their sin as normal. Sin is sin and the Bible is very clear o this subject.

As a Christian mother of a homosexual son.
I know that this sin, like many others, separates us from the father.I find it amazing that people can use the terms gay or homosexual in the same sentence as Christian and think God is fine with it. As a mother of 5, I love my children enough to not tolerate certain behavior. To accept them is to love them. To love them is not accepting everything they embrace.
I pray my son and others like him would seek the God of the Bible and allow the Holy Spirit to open their eyes. God is very clear on this issue. I pray for mercy.
BTW, I just glanced at another post and thought I would mention that though Jesus sees and know the intent of the heart of every man. God uses these terms in the original language, we have just translated them into English which is not adequate.
Take a good look at Mathew chapter 23 and see Jesus language in defining the person through their sin.
We often become unbalanced and think God is as well and we do not really understand fully a Godly love and grace, which isn't blind.
If someone calls me a saint, I feel honored to be serving my Lord and his light is shinning through me. I also appreciate it when a less suitable name is used in defining my action's. It is what it is. If it is true I thank the Lord so that I am aware and will now repent of falling short, and seek his help. If its not true,then I pray for the other person, who has some issues.
Sugar coating truth dosent make it less of a truth.
Jesus did not mince his words but he used wiosdom and discernment and had compassion on many, others he told out right, the bold truth.
I will continue to pray for everyone effected by this sin and lifestyle, a friend of mine was delivered of it and I pray the same for my son and others.

Dan, to say that someone is born gay is not to say that "God messed up." Did God "mess up" when a child is born with Down Syndrome? Blind? Deaf? No, so it's not unrealistic to believe that in this fallen world He would allow something like this; it's another challenge. Does this relieve one of their choices? No. They say once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. Does that relieve the alcoholic of his responsibilities? No. God has allowed some to be born with a propensity towards homosexuality; environment and abuse probably play a role, but so does the church in demanding that they modify their behavior BEFORE they are transformed. How about we welcome them with open arms, show them our Savior's unconditional love and how it can transform them...then, when they have accepted the Truth we can address their behavior. First the heart, then the habits will follow. But it's not a stretch to think that God would allow some to be born this way.

regarding the earlier comment that "God did not intend us to be celibate as God did not intend for heterosexuals to be celibate. Sexuality is a gift." I must heartily disagree. Jesus was celibate and there are many Christians who are single and who will remain so the rest of their lives. As followers of Christ, regardless of orientation, we are supposed to flee from what the Bible refers to as sexual impurity and remain celibate if we want a closer walk with Him. It's not an easy road in our culture, and comments glorififying sex as some sort of virtue in and of itself I humbly believe unjustly elevates our carnal, perishable bodies over our souls. Please consider this in the spirit in which it is intended.

Caryn says "Huh? I am a practicing Christian and a "practicing" sinner ALL THE TIME." With the utmost of respect Caryn I would suggest that if you are practicing sin all the time, what are you saved from ? Jesus said that the definition of loving Him is to keep his commandments, not just to "believe" in Him...#even the demons do that#. Can I be a practicing faithful husband and a practicing adulterer "all the time". I guess I could still call myself a husband, to gratify my own "spirit", but I am no more of a husband, #who doesn't obey his wedding vows# than a person who claims to love God #and doesn't obey their vows to Him# by sinning "all the time". We are saved by grace for sure, but the Bible is clear we can unfortunately lose our salvation by sinning "all the time"...(just like I can lose my marriage by doing the same) As I stated, the issue for gays and many Christians is simply one of defintion of what constitutes being a Christian. It isn't my defintion or yours or one of my gay friend's that matters in the end, but just Jesus'. The Bible says that "withour holiness, no man will see God"...My point is that we have to quit focusing on what is best for "man" and focus on what is "best" for Jesus. Kind of like being married.

Homosexuality is the same as any other sin. It is harmful to the body, mind, and soul. We should first of all pray for them as we would anyone else, that they would come to know Jesus. He makes all the difference in the world. We should never seek to do them or anyone any harm. We must love all people with the agape live of God. If you feel you do not love someone, then you definitely should pray daily and often for them. I guarantee you will come to love them. We must always point others to Jesus in a kind and loving way. All mankind needs love and understanding. We are not to tolerate sin, but that does not mean we should not be patient with them. After all, God is patient with us. And sex sins are as any other sin-lying, stealing, cheating, adultery, fornication, murder,rape etc and the list goes on. We have all broken God's Commandments and are in need of His forgiveness. Prayer and kindness will win them. There have been many sinners from all walks of life to change their lifestyle when they get saved.Remember love and prayer wins everytime. God bless you.

Larry is absolutely correct in his explanation regarding homosexuality and Christianity. One cannot be a homosexual and a Christian. The two are diametrically opposed and completely incompatible. People cannot "pick and choose" regarding their commitment to adhering to the morals Jesus Christ espoused. Being a Christian means believing the Word of God to be the unerring Truth. A person who calls himself/herself a Christian cannot herald the parts of Christianity that are appealing and attractive, and reject the parts of Christianity that inhibit or interfere with the lifestyle of utter perversion and sexual depravity known as being gay. Do not fool yourselves into believing the lies perpetuated by the gay "community" and be lulled into thinking any part of homosexuality is normal just because the gays have effectively advanced their political agenda in order to gain so-called rights. This is all rhetoric and nonsense. Additionally, it will mean not a thing on Judgment Day. The Lord came to Earth first as a Lamb but He is going to return as a Lion. God will not be mocked. The road to salvation and eternal life is a path clearly presented to us in the Bible. When each one of us faces Our Father in Heaven he will ask us one question: "What have you done with my Son?" Christians are called to be bold in their faith and I am doing so. Disagreeing with God does not change the Truth. Let me add one more thing: If you are having a difficult time understanding the facts I have presented here (possibly because you may be struggling with the information on an emotional level because someone you know and love calls himself/herself "gay"), then insert the word "pedophile" in place of "homosexual" or "gay" in the arguments supporting the preposterous notion that "a Christian can be gay" or that "a gay can be a Christian." It will be sobering for you. As Christians, we are called to speak the Truth. Period. My advice to many of the bloggers who are defending the idea of a "gay Christian" is to think long and hard about the sin you are committing by spreading lies and misinformation,. Treat the ones who say they are "gay" with love as you would any sinner. But tell them the Truth for their own good. They need to get into Christian therapy and get healed in order to turn away from their sin once and for all. I will add one more thing: I am separated from my husband whom I discovered just before Christmas is a sexual addict. He is consumed by his sickness and is in deep denial. I do not even know where he is living or working at this point. He may have a same-sex attraction because "a piece of him was lost" on a psychological level according to my (Christian) counselor, who has ministered to sexual addicts and their spouses for nearly 20 years. She explained to me that a man who is damaged in childhood in a way that makes him feel emasculated (i.e. weak, fearful, powerless) from neglect or abuse may be drawn to men (instead of having a healthy attraction to women) because on a subconscious level he wants to be desired by a male so he can feel accepted by males. There are countless permutations in terms of this example. But there is the constant that homosexuality needs to be addressed, understood and treated on a psychological and spiritual level. I would challenge anyone who reads this post to reconsider when tempted to trivialize the tragedy of homosexuality by calling it merely an "alternative" lifestyle. To do so is to deeply and grievously offend God and the men/women (and their wounded families) who suffer from this separation from Our Creator -- and to aid and abet the ones who refuse to get well.

Yeah, I find this article and much of the comments filled both with attempts at grace and love but diminished by the spirit of the Pharisees. It's sad. I have known about 60 odd gay men and women brought up in the church and the majority have been driven from the faith by this fallacious desire not to conceed about what we feel we should really hate (what we think is sin, but what makes us feel superior). There are evangelical views of homosexuality as either sin or as no more sinful than being left-handed. Forget the exegesis for the moment, my main observation in 25 years as a Christian journalist of religion, is that people would much rather remain hating homosexuals and homosexuality rather than think through what the Bible might actually say. This tends to confirm to me that homophobia is a little like a societal learned loathing, like the fear of the mentally ill. If in the end God hates homosexuality much like other sins, then at the very least many Christians are guilty of treating it not like sins which we all get trapped in from time to time but as something 'sick' to loathe which makes people fell superior to others. Look at what Paul said in 1 Cor 6 when he said such were some of you. I don't think this related to homosexuality but to temple prostitution, but for those that do, just think through those other sins. Really think through those sins and have a think how you treat those who struggle with the rest of the sins.

Yes, we must love. but how? Love in the temporary sense or in the light of eternity?
Loving a gay person by not telling him (directly or indirectly) that what he's doing is a sin is not right in the sight of God. If accepting a gay person just makes him comfortable and he therefore he does not see the need to repent of his sins, then we are not loving him at all. We are just preserving him for eternal damnaton.
Should we 'love' people and make them comfortable in their sin?
As much as we should love and accept all human beings, can we ever forget that our lives is about the great commission? are we not here to save (by God's grace) whoever wills? Any love that does not draw a sinner to the savior is not true and I dont think is in the will of God.
Yes let us love the sinner but dont ever forget to hate the sin and in the same token tell the sinner that sin is what it is...

I have been a Christian since I was twelve(so like 14 years). I had a painful childhood and am struggling to find my sexual idenity. A homosexual is not just their orentation, but they are a person and they should be treated that way. I can not condem someone for the very thing I have thought of doing. Some of the nice people I have meet are homosexuals. I want to church with one last week. His family has condemed him and yet I saw him still believing in his faith and even giving money to help those people that don't know the lord and are sexually and emotionally abused by their society.

To Larry: The German church reformer Martin Luther coined the expression 'simul iustus et peccator'. Being saved and a sinner at the same time is exactly what being a Christian is about. If we humans were able to be righteous by our own decision, God wouldn’t need to let his Son die for our sins. Jesus said ‘For I did not come to judge the world, but to save it’. Which simply means: less judgementalism and more humility!

judgementalism is certainly very scarce in Christian circles and especially from the evangelical tribe. It’s easy to condemn the homosexuals who are very few. What about gluttony. Gluttony you can’t hide. I would suggest that 80-90% of American Christians are overweight and surely that is the manifestation of their gluttony.
If preachers started to challenge the average fat Christian male on his lifestyle being a sin I image that their respective churches would be losing virtually all their men!

Elton....sorry ot is so tough... God lovges u so very much...hope u find a good Christian counsellor to talk to and help u empower your self. Walking Free renewal minitries in Australia is brilliant...u can do it over the phone...google it if interested. godbless. nothing is impossible with God...certainly true,

we have reeived power to be sons of God just like Jesus. In Rom 1:4, Jesus was declared to be the son of God according to the Spirit of holiness. should the same holiness be ignored in the church today, then there is no likelihood of getting any closer to becoming sons of God. The seed planted in us at regeneration is incorruptible therefore nonone should claim to be a christian gay. if christianity does not adress the sinful nature in man, it has moved away from God's purpose of regeneration. Being a christian is to walk the rough and narrow way as against the broad way that leads to damnation. everyone with the hope of making heaven purifies himself and according to scriptures, our sanctification which is a process of being made holy ; is to abstain from fornication of all types. God created Adam and Eve, man has created adam and Steve or Madam and Eve.
When people begin to honor God as God, He will take away the reprobate heart and set them right again.
Salvation is God's escape from destruction and it is our responsibility to chose right. should we reject God's salvation through Jesus, we have only ourselves to blame. God is righteous and just. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah, it can happen again except we return to the Lord in all purity and holiness; let us love and pray for the sinners but stop excusing sin.

Wow, after reading the comments, I cannot help but draw an analogy between being a Christian and being a homosexual...I have been both - neither needing practice, by the way. When living a homosexual lifestyle, I was never judged - was I REALLY a homosexual (because I also was a Christian during that time - hanging my hat on the New Testament Commandment that speaks of loving one another) Also, no one interrogated me when I announced that I had been homosexual from birth (when I was 5, I fell in love with my girlfriend - her mother called it "puppy love." Ha! I asked her to marry me when I was 7 - we were together - off and on - for about 20 years) I had never even heard the word "homosexual" or "gay" or "queer" (In high school, I got the "queer" nod) I no more chose that lifestyle than I chose to be white, or blond or green-eyed, or born into the lives of 2 straight parents (thus refuting the concept that kids can't be raised by gay parents or they will be gay) Throughout my childhood, as I grew older, I did recognize that I was often swimming against the other schools of fish - give or take a few "homos" I met along the way. So, I prayed to God to correct the obvious mistake He had made - after all, my outside appearance was pretty much female - but my insides were deeply and passionately in love with my girlfriend. I didn't wake up after a night of those prayers in a different body. But believe me when I tell you that my days were filled with loving God and trying to understand and reckon with my situation. Unfortunately, the Christians in my life were the VERY PEOPLE who turned me away from God. Because they convinced me that God could not and would not love ME - A HOMOSEXUAL! It was crushing. I loved God. I went to church. I prayed. I did not CHOOSE TO SIN! Every thought, feeling, and act, I experienced was NATURAL! And I really do not like being categorized with the Down’s, the paralyzed, the blind, or any other physical and/or mental malformation. I am highly intelligent and physically capable. Homosexuality is not a disease. Nor is it a condition to be “doctored”. For the past several years, after living with the scorn, the dismissal, the condemnation for most of my life, I asked Jesus to reside in my heart and make it possible to live as a homosexual without the sin. I know a lot of well-intentioned (I can only hope) people have said that I AM HEALED! And if that is the case, then Glory to the Almighty! I have not lived as a homosexual – that is I have abstained from an intellectual, emotional, and sexual relationship with another woman. That being said (if you can hold off on the AMENS for a moment), I am never certain that my heart has changed – I still find myself drawn to, attracted to, and longing for, the intimacy of women. So, has God “healed” me or “changed” me, or have I just been worn down and driven to believe that God will not love me, or choose me, or let me sit at his right hand unless I live a celibate lifestyle? Who among you has the answer to that question?

To those who claim that God's condemnation of homosexuality is clearly stated in the Scriptures, may they think on the fact that only a few hundred years ago the Church condemned to death those who claimed that the Earth was not the center of the solar system. These Christian Scribes and Pharisees were so prideful in their interpretation of God, that they were willing to kill over it.

I was born omnisexual. There, I've said it! I couldn't believe that I could live with one woman forever. How could God ask me to do something so foreign to my nature? The more I thought about it, the worse it became. Then I heard the Gospel. It changed me. It didn't change my orientation. I still would enjoy sex with most anything or anyone. Now however, I know that God isn't pleased with that form of thinking or doing. No matter how much it FEELS right. The Bible says it isn't right. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God are greatter than my FEELINGS or my NATURE or whatever you want to call it. I fail in my mind at times, but I don't live my life as a failure. It is because I don't have to. It was for freedom that Christ set us free. I am no longer a slave. If I can be free, you can be free through the Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that you all have this precious freedom.

I've always thought, why doesn't anyone address the fact that homosexuality, lesbianism and fornication are all illicit sex acts committed outside of the marriage covenant. However, with marriage being ruled legal for homosexuals and lesbians in several states, that question would theoretically be a mute issue. So, that means that Christians involved in sex outside of marriage are sinners and the Bible says that they (fornicators) will not see the Kingdom of God. Yet, homosexuality is included in this warning as well. So, it would infer that homosexuality is lumped in with fornication as a sin that would prevent entry into the Kingdom of heaven. Obviously, the law of the land does not nullify the Word of God.

Sin is sin. Anyone can profess Jesus Christ as Savior but there are rules for entering the Kingdom. God abhors ALL sin and while all of us have sinned and come short of His glory, to continue in perpetual and unrepented sin soon yields a reprobate mind. Essentially, one becomes so comfortable with a perverse rationalization, that good becomes evil and evil becomes good. That is what is happening in our "apostate" world thought.

I have acquaintances and relatives who are either gay or heterosexual but living with someone without the sanctity of marriage, but they never rationalize that their lifestyle is one of holiness and righteousness. They know that I am a committed Christian living a life of celibacy until I marry. They respect me for that, but that's not their choice. I don't preach or proselytize because all of these people know the Word of God in regards to these issues. They know that God is the judge of all and will judge us at the end of our journey. In the meantime, we love one another as friends and family. That's all we can do. The issue of my having to legally accept one's sexual orientation is a problem for me. This is where I pray to the Lord for guidance and deliverance. The only agenda I legally submit to is that of Jesus Christ.

Nancy, your point about the flat earth is invalid. You see, there are scriptural passages that address homosexual behavior (six relevant texts are Gen 2:22-23, Lev 18: 20-23, Lev 20:12-24, Rom 1:26-27, 1 Cor 6:9-11, 1 Tim 1:8-10) but none that condemn those who believe the earth is flat or in the center of the universe. The Church decided to persecute those based on human tradition...the Church has struggled with elevating tradition above Scripture for centuries. I highly recommend you read the book 'Galileo Goes to Jail and Other Myths about Science and Religion'...it will clear a lot up.

But the bottom line is that the Bible prohibits homosexual behavior, not a misguided view of the cosmos. And it's also important to note that this prohibition does not entail a condemnation of the sexual attraction or orientation itself. Desire itself is morally neutral; every heterosexual has experienced desire and not acted on it at some point in their lives. Also note that homosexuality is not a "special sin". We should extend the same hospitality to homosexuals as we do other sinners. And remember, the Bible lists seven things that are an abomination to God in Prov 6: 16-19 and homosexuality is not listed...let's keep things in perspective. Sin is sin, but let's not single this sin out while there is fornication, anger, malice, greed, deception, etc. going on in our churches. Let's apply the Word of God evenly.

@Toro God did not make any mistakes in the way He made you, nor have you truly been changed or healed in that you can never fully change the color of your skin, eyes, or hair. That is why you are still having those feelings. We are all God’s children and He loves every one of us. We are all called to celibacy until marriage and even then sex is only to occur for procreation and not lust. My wife isn’t just a sexual partner, she’s my best friend. It is ok to have an intellectual and emotional relationship with another woman. There are plenty of males in my life that I am intellectually and emotionally connected to. All in all we are all trying to overcome sin and all that is required of us is that we try are best and believe in Jesus. I believe in you and I love you Toro and I know that there are other Christians out there who love you and believe in you as well.

I think someone needs to read the fifth chapter of first Corinthins. It is very clear what is there. I suppose it is ignored when we justify what God says is wrong.

@Toro Sorry I actually meant for that to be for @Ann...

The length and diversity of these responses testifies to the importance of this discussion. As a pastor for over 35 years, and a married man for 36 years, whose orientation is bisexual and who came to Christ in the midst of the 1960-70's "sexual revolution," I speak unequivocally when I say: God is big enough to embrace all sinners, without our judging them before God has! Saints are sinners who know better! If the Christian community is to incarnate Christ's Love and healing for all people, and specifically those struggling with their sexual identity, we must STOP setting up conditions and obstacles to their coming to Christ. "Affirming churches" may not be orthodox, but do we not believe that working through Scripture and prayer, God can convict the hearts and minds of sinners, teach them to "know better" and become one of the company of saints? The comment about "sin-o-phobia" vs. "homo-phobia" is very descriptive of how the church misses the opportunity to minister in power. I embrace the Gamaliel account in Acts 5 as paradigmatic of a Christian posture toward all situations and hot button issues in today's culture.

Years ago a coworker who had become a close friend shared with me that he was gay. He knew of my commitment to Christ and we had many interesting discussions – through these open dialogues we both learned a great deal from each other. At one point, as we were discussing his homosexual desires, I asked him if he felt that he could ever love, or make love to a woman. He responded by turning the question back to me and asking if I felt that I could ever love, or make love to a man. Of course, I said that I could not, to which he replied, now you know my answer to your question – it’s not a choice of mine. He didn’t choose to be homosexual and if he could have given it up, he would have, but he was simply sexually attracted to men and not women.
When asked what the greatest commandment was, Jesus reiterated what was spoken in Deuteronomy, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’” Matthew 22:37-39. Your story about loving Normal speaks highly of your commitment to Christ. We all sin. Some sins may be more repulsive to us than others, but that does not mean that we are to love the sinner any less. We are commanded to love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Jesus is quite clear as to who we are to consider to be our neighbor!

When my friend took another job and moved to another city, we went to dinner just before he moved. He made a point of thanking me for not condemning him, for being a great listener and for the many good conversations we had.

The causes of homosexual behaviors cannot determine whether they are sin. We are all “oriented” to our sin, especially the habitual, difficult ones that vex us the most, quite naturally. Even if it were proven to have a genetic basis that would not change the Lord’s word on sin any more than if we found genetic predispositions to addictions, anger, sloth, pride or greed. I am wired for sin, struggle with it every day, and live in a continuous mode of laying it before the Lord in repentance for forgiveness, renewal and healing. I want so badly to change and have seen real change come by his grace and mercy. Yet the closer I get to him the farther I see I have to go. I find Romans chapter 7 of some comfort in this struggle and have compassion for other sinners.

16Now a man came up to Jesus and asked, "Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?"
17"Why do you ask me about what is good?" Jesus replied. "There is only One who is good. If you want to enter life, obey the commandments."

18"Which ones?" the man inquired.

Jesus replied, " 'Do not murder, do not commit adultery, do not steal, do not give false testimony, 19honor your father and mother,'[d] and 'love your neighbor as yourself.'[e]"

20"All these I have kept," the young man said. "What do I still lack?"

21Jesus answered, "If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me."

22When the young man heard this, he went away sad, because he had great wealth.

23Then Jesus said to his disciples, "I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. 24Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

Please note, the 10 commandments do not mention homosexuality nor does Jesus in this passage. Can I assume that all of us who claim to be following Him have already sold all our possessions?

Michelle, I have read about that theory, but there is no proof of it. In fact, it has been disproven. There is tons of great material on this subject that you can get through Exodus International ministries. I to experience same-sex attractions and that is something God and I are working out. As for the person who said we aren't meant to be celibate, what about the gift of singleness? I'm praying for y'all, God is good.

Elton P- That's such a sad situation. I will be praying for you. I know how hard it is to chose not to be with someone sometimes and I know you must be very lonely. It sounds like you don't live in a very healthy community for you... I encourage you to look on Exodus and find a support group near you. Talking with people who understand the struggle can be a great blessing. God bless you. I really am praying

My heart goes to you and your son. I can only imagine the struggle he faces every day. From your story it seems that he is a true Christian, which is why his orientation is such a burden to him. May God use this affliction to his Glory. I also pray that this "thorn in the flesh" may be removed from him. Yet remember He said to Paul, and to us all: "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." (2 Cor 12:9).

I know and have known and know a number of homosexual people and one transgender person who is a very dear friend and brother in Christ. In every case (one was a missionary surgeon) they found the covert and,often, overt rejection of their claim to be 'true' Christians the hardest thing to cope with. Some comments among the many comments I have read here clearly come from folk whose own Christian profession, in the light of what they have said, is questionable. I know full well that I fail my Lord every day in various ways, to my shame, but I also know the grace of God is such that He understands and is there to forgive and encourage. I cannot accept the 'hate the sin, love the sinner' idea because I know that I cannot be divorced from my behaviour. I will not condemn anyone who has accepted Christ as Saviour and Lord. I look into the scriptures and find that the only person who lived a sin-free life was Jesus; the rest all fell short of God's standards to a greater or lesser degree. God calls all who have, through His grace, become members of His kingdom, to join Him in His mission to this sin-sick world and this is expressed through the various OT covenants but is summed up beautifully in Micah 6:8. Insofar as he is willing to use me and others who are homosexual or whatever makes me rejoice.

Excuse me Glenda. In my past post I meant Flower:
@ Flower: My heart goes to you and your son. I can only imagine the struggle he faces every day. From your story it seems that he is a true Christian, which is why his orientation is such a burden to him. May God use this affliction to his Glory. I also pray that this "thorn in the flesh" may be removed from him. Yet remember He said to Paul, and to us all: "My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness." (2 Cor 12:9).

Adam- I don't think God intended for sex to be only for procreation at all. I think it's for binding of soles, and taking joy in each other and giving each other pleasure. I encourage you to take another look at Song of Solomon and then give your wife some good lovin'!

I find men to men sex abhorent. But treat them as you would another and love them. I tell them don't have any designs on me and we will get along fine. If a Christian, they should try and stay celebate. Accept them, love them, and leave the judgment to Christ.

Thanks for a moving and wonderful story of Christian love and grace in action.

The homosexual question is one that will continue to challenge Christians. Attempts to re-interpret the Bible in a an attempt to justify homosexual behaviour, are, in my opinion, theologocally fraught. All teaching on relationships in the Bible is based on the starting point of heterosexuality. That said, we need to reach out in love and sensitivity and with the Spirit's power to those in the Lesbian and Gay communities.

I am sorry to read the content of the majority of responses to this article. I wish to encourage study / research before the forming of an opinion. I bless the day I ordered a few books for myself.
Briefly, true homosexuality, per se, is not a disease or a sin. It is one of the several forms our human sexuality can take. It begins in the womb and is the result of the combination and amount of natural fluids that wash over the embryo - like testosterone, for example.
Homosexual activity is too often linked in our minds with promiscuity. The two are as independent as heterosexuality and promisquity are. Faithfulness, love and commitment are the values of any wholesome relationship.
Too many of us Christians use the Bible to form an opinion on this. But the Bible is a record of redemption based in God's love and Jesus' sacrifice; it is not a science reference in the field of biology.
Therefore, I encourage the forming of opinions on homosexuality to include the use of normal scientific research and data. That, briefly is my concern.

As a LESBIAN and a CHRISTIAN, I have to say that I don't need your approval to know that I can be both! I don't believe living as God made me is a SIN...just as I don't believe those of you that eat shrimp or cut your hair are sinning! It is not for us to judge each other. God will do that in the end. I profess Jesus as my Savior, and I am one of the "whosoevers", so I'll see you all in heaven! In the mean time, LOVE each other!

@ann and elton - I can't really imagine what each of you are going through. What I do know is that God does love you, and wants to have an intimate relationship with each of you. Keep seeking Him! Lord - help us all know you more intimately, and help us to love each other as you do.

Ok, I have a question... Do we not see and understand that we were ALL born sinners? Born IN SIN??? Our very nature is to sin, meaning that it is what feels the most natural to us, BUT Jesus came and died and rose and left his Spirit so that we would have access to a new nature. So, the crux of the matter is this: Do you want to be made new and free and not be entangled with a yoke of bondage? Or do you want to continue to live in the nature that feels good to you but the Scrpiture says you can be free from?

Just because a person quotes a scriptures that cites what is sin in the eyes of God does not mean they are judging or condemning. It just means they posted the Scripture and most people when they don't like what that word says, IN CONTEXT, mind you, then they blame the person that brought it up of judging them.
Any sexual act outside of marriage is sin. Period. Lying, alcoholism, etc, etc... they all grieve the Holy Spirit.

Ask yourself this question: Is homosexuality pleasing to God or does it displease Him? Is the Holy Spirit grieved when I engaged in this act or is He pleased? OF COURSE he loves you, that is not in question here on this post. And the questions are pointed toward homosexuality because that's what this post is about.
We have to ask ourselves AND God: Lord is this pleasing in your sight? Does it bring Glory to your Name? Is the Body of Christ strengthened and edified by my actions? Am I?

If you pray and ask God by HIs Spirit yo show you whether or not he is pleased then He will show you; then it won't matter what we say. But be sure that it is His Holy Spirit. The enemys seeks to destroy us in any way possible. And mostly it is by blinding our eyes to the full truth.
Again, you can have a new nature if you want it. Someone referenced Galatian 1: It if for freedom that Christ has set us free. That goes for the person who lies, or curses or is impatient and angry, or for a harsh person, or a person who doesn't take care of their body by over OR under eating. Not only what the church has viewed as "bad sins" Guess what? IT ALL STINKS THE SAME TO GOD!!!!

The point is, are you ready and willing to exchange your nature for his? Yes, you may have been born that way.. But you don't have to stay that way. He who the Son sets FREE is FREE, INDEED!
Grace and Peace to all...

We had dinner with friends the other night discussing sexual orientation, as well. God's word states that it is a sin, and so we should all know that it is not accepted in God's view. But as stated in earlier remarks, we should not think that we are any better because we are all sinners saved by grace. We need to respond in love and grace, rather than condemnation. We have friends who are homosexual, and know that we are Christians, and we love them and enjoy their company, but they do know we are Christians and don't agree with that lifestyle. This might sound like a Sunday School question, but WWJD? As stated in this article, let's love, before we condemn.

WWJD? Honestly, I don't know. But I know what Jesus said about homosexuality. We can all look it up in the gospels. He talked and taught a lot about those things that were important to him, and to the people whom he loved.
Should not we 'have the mind of Christ' in this as in other important topics?

In all circumstances love the person but hate sin. Sin has troubling consequences either for a Christian or a sinner. A Christian is one who has given their life to Christ by accepting Him as savior. All Christians are capable of sinning whether knowingly or not. Sin comes from the father of lies, Satan an influencing spirit. Satan can influence the strongest of Christians but that does not mean that the Christian has forsaken His salvation as he still has the blood of Jesus to clean up as long as he is saved an willing. Most important is to accept Christ and have Him work you through. How to treat others who are Christians should be to love them and hate sin. For those who do not know Christ, we need to love them as well and bring them to Christ through the gospel, believing that Christ is working on them as well through the Holy Spirit working through us. The homosexuality sin should be hated but the person loved and brought to Christ-- in diseases there are bad ones that can be infectious therefore quarantine is required for this sin in the spirit i.e. it should be discouraged as much as possible and not rights given in terms of the wrong love for it to spread. As a Christian it is important to hand it to Christ as per advice in Philippians 4:6-10 so that the peace of God can help us personally to handle the situation and keep us from being angry and living in a self inflicted worse sin. Self-righteousness can mislead us into not being the worker Christ wants therefore we need to constantly check with Christ in prayer for advise.

I had a twin brother who accepted Christ as a child, at the same time I did. He was very spiritual, and interested to bring others to Christ. When he was in his late 30's he divorced and went into the lifestyle. He and I were living in a large city, 1000 miles from the rest of our family. To tell you the truth, when I first found out he was gay, I thought my heart was cut out. I could feel the knife...God brought some Scripture to my broken heart..."No man shall pluck him out of my hand" was what comforted me. He was in the lifestyle and died of AIDS. Many were the times, I would meet him for lunch in the city and just spend time with him. Sometimes he had a partner with him. In those 10 years, not once to he ask to bring a partner into my home and family. Being a twin--I could not walk away from him, ever! I thank God he used my twinship so I could love him truly. The pain of his death was excruciating. I was with him when he was diagnosed with AIDS. I spent 20 days out of 21 days he was hospitalized and I was able to hold his hand when he took his last breath. We came into the world together and it was an honor to have him as a twin for 46 years! A month after his death, God met me and intercepted my life. I was on a walk, telling God, I was totally lost in this world. His message to me was, "Do not run away from AIDS." That was the biggest turning point in my life! God took a woman who called herself "much-afraid" and made her in to a courageous woman of God. I was in AIDS Ministry for 12 years. Brought the issue to my church, spoke at other churches, two nearby Christian college numerouse times, Bible Study's, Women's groups. Began an "All God's Children" Support group in my home for Christains grieving and AIDS death of a family member (for 9 of those years), volunteered with Love & Action, Spoke in High School health classes...et al. Never have I felt so "Alive!" After 12 years I moved away to another state with my husband. My story was "My journey with AIDS--from the heart of a twin."
Did he brake my heart, yes! But, look at God's work in my life. It was God's saving grace! Only He could turn a woman right side up, inside out. God let me know, that I did not have to follow His message to me--I had a choice. Did I want God's best for my life? YES! Could I do this out of love and not duty? YES! Wherever I went I used Scripture--in places where teachers could not! God in His mercy brought me new life!

So Ok I read through a lot of these responses n its very interesting wat everyone has to say. I was born n raised christian. When I was a round 15 or 16 I made the CHOICE to live a homosexual lifestyle knowing it was. I'm sorry but people are very mistakened when they say it's genetic or people where born this way. If people were born this way it wouldn't not be a sin to be this way jus like people with disabilities who are born like that. There are different types of people some more masculine and some more feminine that doesn't mean your gay that means God made you that way. Evreyone is different. We have different interests lkes and dislikes ect. Anyway I lived that way for 6 whole years no spiritual life at all. That life is just life through the flesh. A life of excessive behavior.liquor drugs sex. You name it you'll dirty yourself with it. There's drama and problems and depression. It never goes away. Just as the devil imitates every God does this is asnother example tryin to make wrong right. Relationships don't work perminently without God because we as humans tend to mess things up. If we could do it by ourselves perfect we wouldn't need him and that would be calling God a liar, which he is not. This is a. Lifestyle of confusion. Just any other sinful lifestyle it starts in the spiritual relm. The devil takes over and convinces you that this is who you are and tries to change you into something your not and you come to see that you do things that you would never do and its trully not you. The best choice I made was repentin and leting God into my life again its been 3 months and I've never looked back. When I took my eyes off God I allowed somethin else to enter I allowed friendships to influence me n my low self esteem to convince me that girls wouldn't ever like me. And when your a lil different people start calling you gay and with all of that confusion growing up you believe it. And then you become it. And you are bond and you won't see it till your out of it. We all need to be very sensative with this issue. The devil uses this to destroy lives and familie. I could have died but God had a purpose for me abd he has purposes for all these people living in sin. But u must listen when God calls out to you. And as christians we must remember that we may be the only "JESUS" these people see in there lives and we must try our best to live like him because with him there is strenght and power. God Bless

I would have to agree with Jen, the Bible says holiness without shall no man see the Lord, we as leaders and christians are starting to accept anything as if we are spokesman for God, God's word is true, there is no double mindedness with God, and he does not change, he is the same yesterday, today, and forever, teach them the right way God loves them too; But sin is sin.

I feel especially loving to people who have been misguided either by someone or their own beliefs, the Bible also says that any man be in Christ he is a new creature, You cannot deliberatly practice sin, and be a complete Christian, you are still a babe in Christ for, the Bible says that we must mortify those deeds done in our flesh, sin is of the flesh, I would rather tell you now, then to regret telling you when it is all said and done, God wishes that no one would perish, but he has already set down the rules, and our job is to climb up to them, we will not do everything right, but we should desire a higher calling in Christ Jesus.

I've read through these posts and considered all of your comments. I am always seeking God for His truth on this matter. Each time I am in prayer and Bible study on this He leads me to scripture that tells me of His love and grace not condemnation. In this discussion the tone has been heated because this is a very controversial subject. However, I am sad to see that only a few of us from either side of the discussion have responded in unbiased love and encouragement to Elton P who is crying out in desperation for one of God's representatives to free him from his pain. I weep for him. We are so concerned with legality and condemnation that we have ignored an opportunity to share God's mercy, love, and grace with one of God's bruised sheep crying in the wilderness. I believe this in itself is the work of the Accuser. He would happily have us so engrossed in disputing and disagreeing that we allow one of God's sheep to be snuffed out by Satan. While we are passionately discussing who is to receive God's grace and who is not, so many are surrendering their lives to suicide because they have done all they can including crying out to God to become straight. But it never happens for them. We tell them that if they don't change they are doomed to Hell. They couldn't get to God's grace because of the wall we put up to deter them. The veil that Christ destroyed when He died and rose again has been sown back up for so many. Can we please let God out of the box so He can touch the hearts and lives of those most in need. Someone mentioned that God created Adam and Eve. This is true. He also created intersexed humans who are born everyday. Is there a place for intersexed people at God's table? They are physically both male and female. Some identify mentally and emotionally as either male or female, or neither male nor female exclusively. The truth is that human sexuality is a mystery to us as is the entirety of God's plan. We see through a glass darkly but when He returns and we are reunited with Him we shall see all things clearly. I pray constantly that God will allow me to see people as He does and for Him to give me His compassion for people. I pray that He will remove my judgmental attitude because the plank in my eye is so much bigger than the sty in another's eye. I pray that I will be gracious and gentle in my dealings with all people and that He will use me to lead others to Him. I'll let Him do the rest. I can't lead a thirsty soul to water with an empty cup. I pray for all on this post that we will remember that Christ died because we all ARE sinners. We are guilty even of the sins we don't know about. I read that in Leviticus and it blew me away. God, you mean I can do something or not do something and fall from grace and not even know it? But then He reminds me that He sent His Son so I would not be bound to the law because the law cannot save me. The law can only show me how imperfect I am and condemn me. If I decide to live under the bondage of the law I crucify Christ again. I can't keep all of the laws, I don't even know them all, and if I break one I am guilty of breaking them all. All things are lawful, but not all things are expedient. In all, I pray for God's guidance. My path is not your path. Your path is not my path. I must trust God to lead me where I am able to reach His sheep and guide them back to His fold. To EltonP, I am so sorry you are in such anguish. I love you and I will keep you in prayer. I don't pray that God will make you straight or gay, but that He will have His divine will fulfilled in you. Dear God, I thank you for my brother Elton. I feel his pain and I know you feel His pain. You are a God who is in touch with your creation. You are not so far from us that you don't sorrow in our pain or pleasure in our joy. Please, lay your hand on my brother, Elton. He is crying out to you with all of his heart. You said if we would seek You with our whole heart we'd find You. You said You'd reveal yourself to us. I pray that you will reveal yourself to Elton. Draw him closer to you and surround him with people who know you intimately and will encourage him in his walk with you. I bind the hand of the Accuser as he tries to steal one of your very own. I pray that you will let Elotn's life become a testimony to the new convenant you have made with him. I pray for his complete healing, mind body, and soul. Let you Spirit hover over him, around him, and dwell within him. Please, turn his sorrow into song, his singing into praise, his praise to peace, his peace to joy and dancing. In Jesus' name. Amen. Elton don't give up on God. He loves you so much more than you could ever know. Don't be discouraged by man and what he may say, think, or do. There is only one High Priest without sin, Jesus Christ. Take time to pray and fast and ask God to show you in His Word the truth He has for you and your path in Him. He will never fail you. He will reveal Himself to you and the unconditional love He has for you. Be blessed. I am a lesbian and a Christian and I believe God has a divine plan for me too. I continue to pray for God to reveal Himself and His truth to me and He never fails me. I praise God for His immeasurable grace, mercy, and love. I used to be angry with Him until I surrendered to Him. Now I just love Him and hunger for His presense in my daily life. The funny thing is I had given my life to Christ as a child but was scorned and banished because I later admitted I was gay. I left church and got mad at God because I thought He had abondoned me. Years later I found Him in the Metropolitan Community Church. I've rededicated my life to God for Him to use me to His glory. I surrender my whole self to Him. As I do this daily, I see how He opens doors for me to reach others and share His promises. God is great and greatly to be praised.

Pages and pages. Amazing. To all those who judged and quoted above, let the first one without sin speak. I can't even begin to read the pages of posts. Not one of you can claim to understand homosexuality - yet many of you quote bible verses and pass judgement. None of us understand it, so lets stop with judging and the quoting, unless you are without sin.

You might want to pick up a Bible and READ it, but it will probably miff you too. But I don't care who it miffs, God's Word is unchanging truth. I will gladly give my life to defend God's Word, and at the rate things are going, I may have to, but I don't care. It is God who lists homosexuallity along with adultary, etc, not man. It is God who says it is an abomination and it is wicked, not man. The Bible in Jude 3 tells us to ernestly contend for the faith, which was once for all, given to the saints.

The Bible does not tell us to stay silent, far from it.

"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work." 2 Timothy 3:16-17

1Cor 9:10
"9Do you not know that the wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor homosexual offenders 10nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

We pray that those who are in the practice of those sins will sincerely repent and turn to the Lord. This is giving the truth, in love.

"Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things..." 2 Timothy 4:2-5

Here we go again with the narrow mindedness. As my pastor says, no one gets to heaven for winning an argument. I have made my point and the table is yours.

If I were you, I would be far more concerned that my church was not folllowing the Bible Perhaps you go to a Unitarian church and they make no pretense of it. But since about the mid 1800s, there has been a great falling away from what the Bible teaches and tells us what to do. Today, it is getting difficult to find a biblical church that really teaches from the Bible. Open the Bible to 1Cor chapter 5, and read it yourself, or ask your pastor to preach on it. It says to throw the immoral brother out. Our church has expelled members who have gotten divorced for unbiblical reasons. We pray that they will repent and again be able to join us in fellowship. If you don't like what the Bible preaches, that's fine, that's your choice, but Jesus will say "I never knew you". If you are not interested in following Jesus, if you deny Him, He will deny you. It's getting very hard to find a biblical church, like I said. Churches through the early 1900's would speak up and expel the homosexual, believe me. Remember how Jesus spoke about the leaven? Please choose the God of the Bible and not the god of secular humanism and the new age and the politically correct.

Barbara, What a sad life you must live. The Bible is just a lot or stories and fables. Go outside of the Bible and love your neighbors as they are. You only live once you know. Don't blow it.

Mike, how sad for you. Because if I am right, and you are wrong, you have all of eternity to regret it and suffer for it. Jesus fulfilled over 300 prophecies that go all the way back to Genesis. The prophecies such as the town he would be born in, the soldiers gambling over his clothes, his betrayal for 30 pieces of silver, born of a virgin, no broken bones, it was prophecied in Psalms that He would be crucified before crucifixion was even used as a means of putting people to death, his ride on a donkey through Jerusalem and be honored was predicted to the day, were fulfilled by Him alone. The chances of Jesus fulfilling all the prophecies He fulfilled are like the odds if you put 3 feet thick of silver coins in the entire state of Texas, and put a small mark on one of them, and then put someone somewhere in the state and they had one chance to pull up that one particular coin.I cannot imagine going through life on earth without God, and I truly feel sorry for you, and pray that you will investigate the Bible more, and find out it is much more than a book of fables. I wouldn't change places with you for all the money in the world.

In Response to the suggestion that it is all just a bunch of stories...which questions the validity of the Bible, I would read the following:
There are 24,000 New Testament manuscripts they are in 15 different languages and they all are accurate in their translation.
One more point regarding the accuracy of manuscripts is the concept of textual variations and textual corruption. We will compare Iliad with the New Testament. The Iliad has about 15,600 textual line variations compared to the New Testament which has about 20,000 textual line variations. Not bad considering there are over 23,000 more manuscripts of the New Testament than the Iliad.
The Iliad has 764 lines of textual corruption whereas the New Testament only has 40 lines of textual corruption. So, which is the more accurate document?

Mike, in addition to the accuracy of the manuscripts, some will still say the Bible is not accurate. It's just a bunch of stories.
Archaeology and Science is continuously proving the Bible to be accurate. Over and over again, archaeological digs are finding artifacts that prove the various stories that are in the Bible.
In regard to prophecy that Barbara wrote about:
The Bible was written over a 1,500 year span so there is no way that many of these prophecies could have just been 'predicted' by the authors. There were over 40 authors so there is no way they could have conspired with each other.

So significant is Jesus in man's history that the Encyclopedia Britannica has 20,000 words in describing Jesus. His description took more space than was given to Aristotle, Cicero, Alexander, Julius Caesar, Buddha, Confucius, Mohammed or Napoleon Bonaparte. Why would there be so much material on a man who was never born?

Here is a quote from the Encyclopedia Britannica concerning the testimony of the many independent secular accounts of Jesus of Nazareth:
These independent accounts prove that in ancient times even the opponents of Christianity never doubted the historicity of Jesus, which was disputed for the first time and on inadequate grounds by several authors at the end of the 18th, during the 19th, and at the beginning of the 20th centuries.

Jesus is recorded as a fact, as is His death, burial and missing body in the Reader's Digest Book of Facts, 1989. He is not just a story.
One cannot believe in the claims of Jesus Christ and the claims of others as you suggest because they are opposite views.
Ultimately, Christianity is based on relationship and faith. These logical proofs are only to lead our minds to faith and trust in Jesus Christ ultimately you must believe in the gospel accounts of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ because you believe in the claims of Jesus that we are sinners and we need a savior.

Liz, Just for clarification...Do you agree that the bible contains many factual errors and contradictions?

Another repetition of an old lie. The killings by atheists FAR outnumber the killing in the name of religion, by many millions. Hitler was into the occult, and killed Jews and well as Christians like Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Stalin the atheist killed 65 millions, then there is Pol Pot and his many, many millions. Try to come up with something new.

No other "holy" book has hundreds of fulfilled prophecies, or the archeolgy and history to back it up, like the Bible does. Like I said, the chances of one person fulfilling all the prophecies that Jesus did, that were written 500-1000 years before He was even born, proves the truth of the Bible.

I agree and disagree with Mike. Mike is right that Christians need to learn from other religions on tolerence. However Christianity is true Mike, absolutely true. It has been proven over and over again. It has just been distorted to an intolerent religion like some of the posts here. Case and point the church that picketed the Cpl Matthew Snyder case. I think there is a special place for these people in hell who picketed that funeral. We as Christians must MUST condemn this terrible behavior by so called "Christians" - like this to show any face. Christianty - an otherwise tolerent religion has been made intolerent by many.

In the year 1 AD, the Christian Religion was born. Today there are 30,000 off shoots. Yes, these "new" Religions are tolerant. However, they are very far removed from the original intent. God said, "Go forth and multiply". The Bible states that masturbation is the spilling (wasting) of seed. The Bible says that Homosexuals are an abomination. You cannot "multiply" if you masturbate or practice homosexuality. God said "no divorce". Sleeping with a divorced woman/man is adultery. Look around. Many "new" religions accept divorced/remarried couples. God prefers that we remain celibate, unless we are trying to "multiply". Leaving a Religion in search of one that "thinks as you do" is wrong. God loves the sinner but hates the sin. Ergo, we must love homosexuals and heterosexuals with equal measure. It is not easy being a Christian. All we can do is try, and pray.

Mike, FYI, 171,000 Christians were martyred in 2009. Christians are routinely murdered in Muslem countries. Our "media' simply does not report it.

After reading this, I must comment. Have I had any contact with a homosexual who also claims to be a Christian? Yes. The person is me. Or rather, tried to live with it. All my life I have struggled with unwanted homosexual attractions. I was raised a strict Southern Baptist, and accepted Christ as my Savior early in life. I couldn't live my life as a homosexual, even though that's what seemed to come natural. I married right out of high school, largely to "prove" that I wasn't gay. The marriage did seem to cover up the attractions for many, many years. However, as the marriage started to fall apart, the unwanted attractions returned with a vengeance. We eventually divorced. Then, at age 39, I fell into homosexual behavior. I really began to hate myself. Finally as I reached desparation trying to come to grips with it all, I confessed to an Associate Pastor about my attractions and behavior. He referred me to Setting Captives Free, (www.settingcaptivesfree.com), and I enrolled in their 'Door of Hope' course. That was a God send! What I learned was that God loves me despite my attractions and behavior. Homosexuality is condemned countless times throughout the Bible. It is sin, pure and simple. However, as with any sin, there is forgiveness and restoration available from our Lord and Savior. Setting Captives Free points out God's systematic way out of homosexuality, as with any habitual sin. Today I walk in freedom from homosexuality, with a love and adoration for my Savior, no longer struggling. Can a person be a homosexual and a Christian. No! Holiness cannot coexist with a lust and sin. But, there is forgiveness and a changed life available if we repent, and seek Him with all of our being.

I tried twice already to post this, and I'm not sure what happened. I still have questions about "I discovered the importance of listening before condemning". Why condemn at all? Is that our job? Or is that up to God? Why do we not listen instead of condemning?

Hi, I found the topic really interesting also the postings.
I'm 24 and thank Christ and the Living Word of God I'm no longer homosexual. Lord have teached me that I'm a new creature, I'm a new man in Christ who dwells in me the Christ character. I had struugle with homosexual thoughts, behavior and porno for somemany years...but today I'm free...Attacks and temptation from devil comes day by day but I know that all these are only attacks, temptaitons and proves. I bealive and know that only through Christ a lost homosexual man can and will became a sinful-free man.
Blessings from Mexico

This is a very delicate subject but one that needs discussion. Those that are guy should be allowed to get on with there lives as long as they are not conducting it in a way that is sadistic or hedonistic

Hi, I believe your response is correct on this issue. A person may have same-sex attractions for whatever reasons. But he/she can still can make choices whether to have relations with another, or to abstain from relations altogether. Our temporal relationships come and go. We should not base our identity and our lives on the signficant other. What happens if your mate leaves you or passes away? But Christ is eternal and following Him is the only relationship that ultimately matters.

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