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February 5, 2010

Kate Gosselin and Starting Over

Magazine covers and Scripture say different things about starting over.

What does "starting over" really mean for Christians, and how does this vastly differ from how celebrity culture define it? We at Kyria want to share a great article on celebrity and biblical redemption which was posted on our sister site, Leadershipjournal.net. We hope you will share your thoughts with us below.

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Thanks for sharing that article with us. It makes me wonder, if people looked at my life, what patterns would they see? As much as our children ---and in my case, grandchildren--- watch celebrities, they watch us even more. I loved Gordon's statement that he "starts over" pretty much every day. Today is a new start-over for me, because I'm going to seriously ask myself and those close to me what people would see if they looked at my life. Would they see my changes as superificial, or would they see them as something just a little deeper? That may not have been Gordon's full intent with the article, but that's what it provoked in me, and I really appreciate it.
Thank you, again, for sharing. Great way to start my day.
Jennie Dugan

I thought Gordon's article was thought provoking, but as a mother myself, I found his little barb about 'who was watching the children during the 20 hours she was in hair & make up mode' a little judgmental and petty. Kate does have an ex husband who has days at a time where he is responsible for the children, and now that she is a single parent, my guess is she has many people helping her. Eight children...do you have that many Gordon and if you even have one child, do you think it is outrageous for a parent to take some time out provided the children are being well looked after? Give the poor woman a break - she is in the midst of a personal crisis and perhaps not handling it as well as 'we Christians' would like her to, but for goodness sake, show her some Christ like compassion and stop judging her. One way to make sure she never comes close to God again is to show her how un-Christlike Christians can be at times.

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