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October 6, 2009

The “Stop Abortion” Signs

Is there more to pro-life than holding a sign?

This past Sunday afternoon as my husband and I were running errands, we passed a line of people holding signs along the side of the road.

The signs held such messages as: “Pray to end abortion”; “Lord, forgive our sins”; “Don’t kill unborn children.”

I agreed with every single sign. And I was impressed that every person holding a sign had a real sense of dignity and purpose. They all stood tall and silent. Each face carried deep conviction.

I applaud them for their commitment.

But my husband and I began to talk about that commitment.

“I wonder,” I mentioned after we drove past, “how many of those folks volunteer at pregnancy centers? How many have adopted unwanted children after abortion was stopped? How many help educate and train the women who didn’t have abortions on how to love and care for their babies? How many are involved in caring for foster care children?”

“In short,” my husband said, “how many are actually doing something pro-life?”

Don’t misunderstand, holding a sign is a respectable way to express our convictions. But are we truly living out our convictions when we hold signs? After all, anybody can hold a sign. We sacrifice an hour or so of our time and stand with our message printed on cardboard. Then we go home and continue with our lives as before.

I have a friend who refuses to place a fish sticker on her car’s bumper because she says, “If I carry that Jesus sticker, then I have to actually drive like I’m a Christian!” We laugh about it, but I think she makes an interesting point that applies to this discussion.

If we hold signs, do people who don’t know Christ look to see if we’re truly living out that commitment by doing more than just wearing a pro-life “badge”? If we value the sanctity of life, does that mean more of a commitment from Christ-followers?

What do you think?

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You ask: Is there more to pro-life than holding a sign? Yes, of course there is, but that does not diminish the need for the sign holders, those willing to stand and be seen and make a statement within the boundaries of law in our country. Yes, working at pregnancy centers is important and adopting children is important, but not all are called to the same action at the same time. And I don't think it's our place to judge whose action is more important. I am pro-life, but I have not put my toe on the line and held a sign for all to see. That action is as much a "doing" for pro-life as working at a center or adopting a child. Without sign holders, the pro-life movement may go largely unnoticed. To those peaceful, respecting sign holders, I thank you.

I also applaud the sign holders, I've been one many times.

And yes, we're also hoping someday to "put or money where our mouths are" and help in other ways. However, for now, it's not the right time in our young family's life to do so.

I dunno. I think real change will probably only come about through relationships, and that's a lot harder than holding signs or marching, etc. My brother took in a foster kid and has essentially adopted her into his family. Many of the people in his church did not see this as a pro-life gesture; some actively discouraged it (too risky, they said). We've got a ways to go on this issue. They'll know we are Christians by our love, the song says. Few realize how scary and sacrificial that line of the song really is.

This blog raises a very important question for Christians. Not just about what else sign holders do (and there is really no evidence that holding signs helps significantly), but also what are we doing to a) prevent unwanted pregancies in the first place (True Love Waits and purity ring campaigns are 100% ineffective), and b) to promote adoption? To say that your life is too busy or that you're not in the right place as a family to do more than hold a sign is a copout and perfectly illustrates the point of the blog posting. Thank you.

A good friend of mine is one of those silent sign-holders and you're perhaps missing one of the most important and effective things these people are also doing -- they're praying. My friend PRAYS on end while holding those signs and every single day of the year. For change of hearts, for God's mercy on all involved with abortion, for women who are experiencing this terrible decision, for these innocent babies....

This past Sunday I too was a 'sign holder'; as in many years past. I too was struck with this very same conviction as I wrote in my journal. It is an important visual to put into "the world" as along with the supportive passer-bys also came the abusive responses to our chain of fervent prayer partners. The signs may very well have 'turned a heart' and the power of prayer can't be measured so in these ways the 'sign' has immeasurable value. I am still very convicted by your writing though as my heart has given me a 'tug' in ways that need to be 'more. Thank you for giving another view....I grow all the more when I choose not to resist another's opinion/ God Bless.

I believe this is a sincere blog, a sincere question. But I am so tired of hearing that pro-lifers need to walk the walk if they're going to talk the talk. Every person I know who takes the time to stand in the Life Chain or pray outside a clinic IS also giving sacrificially out of their time, talent and treasure to be "active". Why does no one ask the pro-aborts what they are doing to help the women who have chosen death? This is a trick of the enemy to plant divisions between Christians where there are none. All of the pro-lifers I know are not only active in pro-life ministry, but in many other ministries too. This is the most important issue of our time, but pro-lifers know it is not the only issue. It is my experience that when you talk to an on-fire Christian, you will find you are also talking to an active pro-lifer who is walking the walk.

I donot understand why these people call tbemselves prolifers, I think we should just be called saints or sinners or how about all sinners I have to say that everyone has made mistakes and fallen short of the glory of god so why don't we forget the signs to make the women who have had abortions feel bad about their choices and do something to show them that we love them no matter what their choices may have been in the past. Let's do what Jesus would do and love them without holding on to signs to show it. I don't believe that Jesus condemns anyone. Don't forget the woman at the well. I am one of those women whom which you people hold the signs for. Show me Jesus not the self rightous side of your pro life humanity!!!!

Pro Life isnt condeming women who have abortions its sticking up for them. When a woman gets presured into having an abortion by whoever, boyfriends, family and now even the doctors, most of whom get a cut from the abortion clinics and are making money out of the womans unhappiness. Prolife is encouraging the woman and helping the women to keep her baby if she wants to, not take it away from her thinkin they can do a better job than her of bringing the child up.
How do I know, Many years ago I was one of those women. I was lucky to be encouraged to keep my baby and I was helped to cope. I was given the choice, a real choice,and I chose life for my baby. Shes now a grandmother herself, I would have missed out on so much happiness if Id just done as my then boyfriend and parents tried to bully me into, and got rid of her. Thanks to people who cared, in a much more strict society then than now, and a God who helped me through tough times by sending all kinds of people to help I chose Life. Its been tough but Ive never not once regretted my decision.

I am pro-life. I hold signs. I pray in front of abortion clinics. I work through my parish to collect items for needy mothers and their babies. I helped collect 100 cribs last year for Moms who could not afford them. I have been mocked, derided, ignored and spit upon. I will continue to do all these things and more until babies in the womb are recognized as human beings like everyone else. To the women who have suffered from abortion, we offer healing Masses and unconditional love as we show you God's mercy. Do not hate me because I love babies.

Have any of the sign holders ever asked someone who has gone through the abortion experience how it makes them feel when they see them standing there? Instead of encouraging women they feel isolated and intimidated. Jesus told us to live a life of love - it is my experience that holding signs and images of aborted babies only facilitate in making the holder feel better and pushing the woman further from God. Praying can be done without signage and instead of holding a sign - hold your hand out and offer a listening ear or a cup of tea. Instead of branding the woman a murderer offer her a new life through Jesus Christ. Help her to understand that it is a decision like no other and she will never truly get over the loss of her baby even though it seems like the only option at this present time. Jesus didn't need billboards and signage and were we not made in His image?

I drove past some pro-life sign holders not too long ago and wondered if it might be more effective to reach out in love to the doctors and workers at the clinics that provide abortions. Yes, I believe what these medical people are doing is wrong. Yes, some of them are in it just for the money and don't care about the women or babies involved. But some of them do sincerely care and believe they are helping women by offering abortions and an option. They are wrong, but they are sincere. Maybe if we build relationships with them and show them God's love we will be in a better position to get them to rethink their position.

I appreciate your point and have considered this specific situation and others like it, often with a similar conclusion. I was woefully wrong. These "sign holders" have already stepped into a hotbed of controversy just by showing up. I applaud them for their willingness to be a face of compassion and truth in an environment that is very hostile to them. It's easy to pray for God to shine a light on the truth of what abortion really is from the comfort of our homes and churches. It is another thing entirely to look these poor women in the face, knowing they have been lied to and having a limited ability to share the truth. For many it is the first step in stepping out. We make every effort not to judge these pregnant victims. Maybe we need to offer that same grace to these sign holders.

I think I understand where Ginger is coming from….I’ve often wondered the same things. Perhaps something we should consider is, not only to hold up signs that are for life/against abortions but also signs that say where these women could get help, counseling, job info, schooling, pre-natal medical care, etc. So that the "world" sees that it’s not just a political thing. Now, maybe some people are already doing this, and if they are I applaud them. It’s just that I haven’t seen it. It may also be that those holding signs are handing out pamphlets to help these women—which I also applaud—but there should still also be signs to say where they could get help so that "everybody else" knows they aren’t just politicizing. I hope I haven’t offended anybody by saying this—I really do support pro-life activities, whether in protests or in other ministries. Thanks Ginger!

Thank you Penny Taylor for all that you do for the pro-life movement. I have had two abortions, something I am not proud of. When I could not stand what I had done, I fell on my knees and asked God to forgive me of my sins and do something with me, because I hated myself. Well, He took me up on my offer, and I have never looked back. One thing I would like to state publically that once a women is fogiven of sin (no matter what sin, the Lord considers them all the same in His book) and forgives herself, she no longer feels the hurt and pain anymore. It was wrong to abort my own children, but if God forgives me, who am I to hold on to that sin? So, if you have gone through counseling and have let go of the pain of abortion, my experience is that you don't hold on to that pain forever. It is gone, it is now a tool to use to help others in that pain. I too have stood outside Abortion Clinics, volunteered at the Crisis Pregnancy Center, gone through counseling for my abortions, led abortion counseling for women who too needed to be set free from the pain, and tell my story whenever the Lord opens up the door. As the decades have gone by, I do other things; support those who stand on the front lines and give money where needed. Our lives change as we grow older, we should never look down on someone willing to stand in the gap for those precious babies who don't have a voice. People seem to voice their opinion about everything else, why not about saving a childs' life?

I was a sign holder when I was a youth/teen, and I totally regret it now. Now I'm the parent to two kids whose mom abandoned them. It's a LOT harder than I thought it would be, and yet it hurts me deeply that there are so many more children out there who need this specialized care. (Neglected and abandoned children have attachment issues, and it's extremely difficult to parent them). But raising them is one of the reasons that I'm very much against the sign holding movement. There is so much to be done to care for children without parents and women in crisis. Nothing compares to the actual work.

I don't think Jesus would have used the Good Samaritan as an example if he just held up a sign instead of actually helping.

I've never held up an abortion sign, but 3 years ago I stood in front of huge posters of aborted fetuses and talked with college students about their meaning. I then went on to work for a pro-life political organization, and after that I worked at a pregnancy resource center. Right now I work at a pregnancy center, counseling women who are abortion-minded, and also talking with women who choose to have their babies about sex, relationships, God, family, etc.... I also know of many people who actually DO something, in addition to carrying signs and standing outside abortion clinics. Are there people who JUST hold signs? Certainly. But I would hope and pray that in their hearts they are convicted to do more. Just my 2 cents... thanks for sharing yours!

I don't condemn the signholders, but I wonder who they are reaching? There used to be a group on our town who opposed gay marriage, or gayness of any kind, quite vehemently. They held signs that had messages of hatefulness on them. I am not saying the pro-life people are doing that. But I wonder if they are "preaching to the choir", and slamming a door in the face of a young girl who already feels that no one cares? If nothing else, at least how about a sign that says "we love you and we want to help". Not Abortion Kills Babies. We all really already know that.

Ariel, I, as a sign holder for the Culture of Life for a number of years in front of an abortion clinic, would like to say that we are not there "preaching to the choir" as you suggested. If as you say everyone already knows that Abortion kills babies, then why do woman say to me when I offer them Pro-Life literature as they enter the clinic, "Oh, I don't believe in abortion, I'm just here for my birth control pills." All methods of birth control, except condoms, contain "ABORTIFACIENTS", synthetic hormones that can prevent the already conceived child of God from implanting in the woman's womb. The child dies, and is expelled through the menstral cycle. Out of sight, out of mind. Even Planned Parenthood's website has stated this fact, as well as many geneticists, doctors, and medical manuals - see Physicians Desk Reference. They just don't see anything wrong with it.

So we're not there to preach to the choir, but to help young women come to the knowledge of truth about abortion, BOTH SURGICAL AND MEDICAL that Planned Parenthood and Mr. Obama and his administration don't want people to know, or think about. Planned Parenthood does not consider an embryo to be a human being, but God does. "True, I was born guilty, a sinner, even as my mother conveived me. Still, you insist on sincerity of heart; in my inmost being teach me wisdom." - Psalm 51.

Yes, I, and many other Pro-Life prayer warriors, are also there to Preach the Gospel Message through prayer and literature. If we don't want to save each other for the Kingdom of Heaven, which lasts forever, then what is our purpose in life. Without an eternal purpose, life has no meaning and we can justify remaining silent and cowardly, letting the philosophies of the world and Satan have his way with each other.

Mother Theresa once said, "A nation that kills its own children, has no hope."

That's not the way with Divine Love, which desires the sanctification and salvation of all human beings who have been created in the image and likeness of God.

We are indeed called to be our brothers and sisters keepers and love each other with the Truth that saves. "Thou shall not kill."

In the end, we sign holders & prayers warriors want everyone to know that God's name is MERCY, and he will forgive anyone who asks for forgiveness, and He will save them for all eternity.

That's Divine Mercy: "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall become white as snow."

Have a great day and remember to type in the word ABORTIFACIENT in Google. There's much to be learned, many prayers to be said, many souls to be saved. Thank you for taking the time to read this post.

May God bless everyone with the grace and strength to pick up our crosses and follow Jesus and His Church to eternal life.

interesting that both you and your husband were quick to be cynical as to their true intentions. I can assure you that those people ARE the pro-life movement doing more for their cause than you and your husband obviously thought to do at that moment when you saw them. Instead of wondering with righteous convictions maybe the two of you should have pulled over and put your "I got saved" toes on the line.

Interesting that not one of you posters spoke to what happens to these babies once they are born. That Maybe instead of standing around holding signs if you wrote letters to congress and try to change the adoption laws so that these babies would get adopted and not end up in the welfare system and the cycle just repeats itself all over again. But nobody every wants to talk about those poor babies after they are born do they?? Where are all these good intentions when a 16 year old is trying to raise a baby on herown? Why do you hear about all these peo ple adopting foreign babies? Did you know some states allow young girls up to 6 month to renig on an adoption agreement? So the choices you are putting forth to a young woman are also pretty scary. It is not so cut and dry.
And to the Poster called "Phil" who is quoting scripture, if he is insinuating that we should ban birth control, maybe he would like to raise all the children that will undoubtly be born from that moronic post. Please join the 21st century!

Hi Liz,
Thanks for your post, and may I respond to your concerns to the best of my ability. I don't expect you to believe much of what I have to say, but our Heavenly Father has much patience with those who sincerely seek Him, who is Eternal & Absolute Truth Himself.
Reading your post, I am aware that many, if not most people in the world today have not had an education, or very little, in spiritual matters. God is slowly but steadily being rejected by society in general.
In today's 21st century that you allude to, which is trying hard to convince everyone that God does not exist, or that we do not need God anymore because of all our false gods, it's true that my post may sound rather moronic as you stated. That's because people no longer think critically, or at a deeper level then that which we see with our worldly eyes every day, in our humanistic world. Humanism cannot offer us eternal life. Humanism has NO power over Sin, and Death. Only God does.
There's much more to life than only what we see and experience on a daily basis. The essence of our existence can only be seen through our spiritual eyes. And God's Commandments never change. Whether it's the 1st Century after Christ, or the 21st Century after Christ, He is the same yesterday, today and forever! His Mercy is always available for us sinners, while we live, up to the moment of death.
"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ."
Liz, if you reread my post, you will see that we 'sign holders' do much more than just hold signs. We pray, pray, pray that expectant mothers and those on 'abortifacient' birth control will not destroy their children. You see, neither you or I have the power to create life, only God does. And God regards each and every life as unique, precious and unrepeatable. He created you, me and every soul who has ever come into existence with one overriding desire for each - that we Know, Love and Serve God in this life, so that we will be judged #yes, there is a judgment# worthy of Jesus' promises of eternal life for those who obey Him. Can you name any other Person who has the power to walk on water, heal the sick, rise from the dead, forgive sinners, and by these works offer eternal life to those who pick up their crosses and follow Him?
There's another thing 'sign holders' do that I didn't mention. For some time I have been e-mailing #and CALLING# my two Democratic Senators in the state in which I live about every few weeks, at least monthly. Both of them have continuously voted to KILL unborn children. I hope that disgusts you. It sure does me. I'll bet that many other 'sign holders' also write and call their Senators who have caved in to the Culture of Death.
Regarding adoption, come on Liz, that's a cop out. The need for adoption will be with us until the end of the world due to the many factors regarding our fallen human nature. In the handouts I attempt to give to the young women entering Planned Parenthood there's plenty of information on adoption, where they can go to either have their children adopted, or places to go that will help them for up to a year to bring their child into the world, learn to care for their children, and find employment or family support. I hope you are writing your Senators with your concerns. I encourage you to do so, and applaud you for all your efforts on behalf of adoptable children. God Bless you for doing that.
No Liz, I am not "insinuating that we should ban birth control" as you suggested, on my own authority. I'm only agreeing with God who is the source and author of our GIFT of SEXUALITY, which Jesus Christ and His Church help us to understand is to be used only in the context of family life and conjugal love. "Fornicators will not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven."
God's gift of sexuality is to be used both to 1# provide for a strong, spiritual & physical bond between husband and wife, and to 2# bring forth and raise our children for the Glory of God. Liz, this is Gods Plan for our salvation. Not mankind's plan.
God said: "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it."
God did not say, "Fill the earth until we decide there are enough children in the world so that we can decide on our own to corrupt the gift of sexuality."
By doing so, we 'Cheat' each other by not giving ourselves completely to each other #husband and wife#. We only give our physical selves, and through contraception, withhold the possibility of new life which God desires of us because it is His call when enough people have been created to give Him Glory for all eternity. We keep forgetting that God created us and calls the shots for those who want to be saved.
That does not mean that God #through His Church# is not sympathetic regarding the number of children we should have, or can afford. There's NFP #Natural Family Planning# and that's NOT the same as birth control by any means. It has to do with the menstrual cycle God provided women and can be used much more safely and affectionately than 'Abortifacient' contraception that can kill our children. There's much, much more that I could say about this subject which I would be happy to do if you would like to know more about it in a future post.
No one is saying you or anyone else have to believe in and live the Gospel Message. ONLY THOSE WHO WANT TO LIVE FOREVER. Don't let Satan and the world convince you otherwise - unless that's the path you choose, and I hope you don't.
"Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved; whoever does not believe will be condemned."
Each person has to decide for themselves. We Christians simply want everyone to know more fully about the possibility of eternal life. What can be more important than that? If you love someone deeply, what more could you desire for that person than what God has to offer?
Please remember, God's name is MERCY. He will forgive us for surgical abortions, and for using 'Abortifacient' contraceptives if only we stop using them, ask for His forgiveness, and decide to seek more knowledge about God's plan for families, and how abortifacients can kill our children.
May you experience the Divine Love that Jesus Christ offers to all who will accept His Father's Plan for our salvation, which Scripture says comes to us through Jesus Christ and His Church.
May God bless you with the desire to seek the truth that saves.

Thank you Phil. God is merciful, and the truth is good.

Liz, I will not dismiss your passion. I wish more people had so much concern for mothers and babies...but you are missing the point. Unwanted/unplanned pregnancies do not deem that unborn child's life any less significant. I think what a lot of people miss is that it is not only a baby developing in utero, but that is someone's soul in there. That soul will continue on for eternity. Instead of offing the baby which by the way is called infanticide akin to the slaughter of the holy innocents our country needs to fight the roots of the evils that perpetuates the problem thereby far better serving the young women who find themselves pregnant. Yes, Liz, it is cut and dry...infanticide is wrong and you will find yourself looking in the Lord's eyes with the devil's pride trying to convince him of your stance. Jesus did not command us to carry our crosses...he flat out said you must PICK UP YOUR CROSS AND FOLLOW ME. Whatever cross that may be. Meditate on his passion and death and why he endured it to save our souls. Phil, you are doing tremendous work for your soul to be happy with our Lord in the next life. I thank God for you and people like you, and Liz, I am sending you love and know that today I will most certainly keep you in my prayers. The devil does deceive and does it quite well. He makes excuses and arguments look justified and attractive. Don't you get it? Abortion HAS BECOME birth control.

Many of the sign holders you see are putting their "money where their mouths are" and you may not know it! Just because they are there holding signs doesn't mean that is where their service ends. Many of us have adopted, do work in pregnacy resource centers and do try their hardest to help those who have gone through abortions. To think that holding signs is all we do is not only sad but very short-sighted. I'm new to your site, directed here by someone who believed in your message (as I do as well... get involved!) but I believe someone stated it rather nicely that we are not all at the same places in our lives. What one family is able to do might not be something another can do right now. It is about what you are capable of doing and doing it with love and conviction. Holding signs might be all that some can give right now but that doesn't mean that everyone holding a sign is not doing more or that those people who are "only" holding a sign won't do more in the future.

Trying to stop abortions is a noble battle. But, I wonder sometimes if we are misdirected. Abortion is a symptom of a disease: a soul lost without Christ. Can we also commit to personally reaching out to these doctors and pregnant women, building relationships, and sharing the message of redemption through Christ in a real way -- offering them a God who can heal the disease, not just stop the symptoms? What is the most effective way to do this? The power of prayer is unlimited, and sharing the truth through relationships. I would guess that signs are not the most effective way.

Abortion is the most unwanted & cruelest sin in this world as for as I am concerned. It is an inevitable evil. Most of the families fall in the clutches of this evil. Killing an infant (partly grown stage) is a biggest crime, without allowing entering in this world. Bible says, it is a curse and the same will be followed generation to generation, since it is a sin against God. The children are gift of God, if we refused it means, we are against God. Genesis 1:28 : God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air,….. So, if we against this commandment, we are doing sin against God. But prevention is the best medicine not to have pregnant if not required children. Otherwise, we have to accept it instead of abortion.

I have sorted out the reasons for abortion as follows:-
a) Illegal relationship
b) Legal but “not now policy ie.postponment”
c) Lack of finance
d) Lack of awareness
e) If girl infant (in South India it is practice to kill the girl baby even in mother’s womb)
f) Infatuation sex affair
g) Accident
h) Mercy killing(as instructed by doctors)
The school and college students should practice to control their body and mind for their future pair. If you lose your virginity to some other and married to someone means, you are a prostitute (both male and female). Even animals and birds are doing such love affairs.

Another thought along those lines: how many women who are vocally against abortion use a birth control pill that can often work as an early-term abortificant? How many men oppose abortion who have surgically mutilated their genitalia so that they can no longer have children? "Srop abortion! But if we don't want to be inconvenienced with children beyond our nuclear two, then there's nothing wrong with birth control...)

Of course, to make your point, you use great exaggeration and don't post the truth for about 99.9% of the population using the birth control pill. The mechanism of action of birth control pills that are by far, the most commonly used pills today, do not what you say, to abort babies, but they prevent ovulation in the first place. So, there is no egg released, and thus no pregnancy, and no abortion. A very small percentage of women use a "morning after pill", which is not the means that the vast majority of women use for contraception. In fact, I have never dispensed it in 10 years, while the standard estrogen/progesterone pill combination is dispensed many times a day.

As for "mutiliation" of the male, are you thinking of some case that has gone to the courts for a lawsuit against a doctor? Because if you know anything about the surgery, there is no mutilation, and no change of appearance whatsoever once the incision is healed. You are using gross exaggeration to try to make some points, which is midleading and dishonest.

Do you have copy writer for so good articles? If so please give me contacts, because this really rocks! :)

Nearly three years ago I found out I was pregnant. I would be lying if I said abortion never occurred to me... ultimately however I chose adoption. My son has the perfect family, truly God dropped them in my lap. I don't condemn the sign holders, I think it is brave to stand out there and be subject to the mockery of others. I DO oftentimes wonder if holding a sign with such messages as "Stop the baby holocaust" is helping.
More often than not, women who go to these clinics (or "murder mills" as I have heard them called) are scared to death and some are even under pressure from friends, family or their significant or not so significant other. Be that as it may, I can't help but feel that holding such condemning signs is ultimately unhelpful.
I see a lot of billboards that say "Abortion Kills" but none of these billboards include any information about adoption or parenting resources. How many women do you think visit the pro-life website to look for information? I'm guessing not many. They are scared and when people are scared they act rashly and tend to go with the most prominent (not always the best) option.
It is so important to take away the "abortion is murder" billboard and signs and replace it with "Bless others with your child" or perhaps even "Parenting tools 101" followed by a website that includes resources for women considering parenting.
It is all about raising awareness. Abortion should not ever be a form of birthcontrol. Babies are blessings and just because a woman does not want to be blessed herself does not mean she cannot give that blessing to others. There is truly no such thing as an unwanted child. I sincerely believe that if there were more awareness about adoption out there in front of those clinics that there would be less abortion.
As for the birthcontrol pill causing abortions... that does not sound quite right, but I'm not a doctor haha. In any event, YES to comprehensive sex ed in schools and YES to condoms and a BIG YES to adoption.
A brief aside: a successful ministry is all about meeting people where they are at, not yanking them 'round to where you're at. So when it is in that perspective, sign holding can be affective, but only if the message is penetrating the armor of fear and ignorance.

What nobody has mentioned is that many of the so-called sign holders graduate to Sidewalk Counseling after training. To stand out alone next to an abortion clinic is not easy. Many people could not do it. Those picketers are heroes. They are witnesses to the world that babies are being killed nearby. They may be the only people who are trrying to save those endangered babies, since there is never enough trained sidewalk counselors in front of abortion mills.The ideal is to locate a pregnancy resource center next to the abortion mill with sidewalk counselors interceding with the abortion-intent women going in. I wrote a book about how to do it - "Stopping Abortions at Death's Door".

Very much the helpful information

Excellent question

God bless the sign holders.

If you are standing outside a PP clinic holding up a sign that says "Stop Abortion Now", I hope that you are willing to say in a clear and straightforward way what You think the words on that sign mean. How would You Stop a woman from having an abortion? What do You think should Happen if a woman has an illegal abortion? What if a woman has an illegal abortion and Refuses to Name her abortionist? Should your sign really say "Make Abortion Illegal"? If your goal is Not just to "make abortion illegal", but to Really Stop abortions from happening, do you have "a list" of ways that would maybe help that happen? Like make contraception more easily available? Any other ideas?

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